EIGHTY YEARS AGO: FRONT PAGE NEWS: Mrs. Al (Pauline) Weis is the only woman flyer in Northeast Iowa. She made her solo flight the other afternoon and performed creditably. She “took off” and piloted the plane above the city for about 15 minutes, then circled the airport and made a three-point landing. Her husband, a prominent local automobile dealer, also has his pilot’s license. Congratulations to the young local wife and mother, Mrs. Weis, on this remarkable achievement. She had nearly 15 hours of flying time in the books prior to her solo flight. The state newspapers are picking up the story.

As a follow-up to a previous report of “plump” women in the area standing atop a cake … it reported that a total of 16 women took their turn to stand on the cake in front of Caley Hardware to see if they could “crush” the cake. Not even the weight of these women could spoil the cake, which measured 17 by 22 inches. Frank Finch of the Caley Hardware Company estimates 700 pieces of cake were cut and served at the store following the successful demonstration. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ness and family, along with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Olson and son were Thanksgiving supper guests at the S.O. Ness home in Decorah.

A bazaar at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church was held Sunday morning. The ladies served a chicken and country sausage dinner.

Dedication of the $40,000 Ridgeway High School was held recently.

An accident occurred at the Youmans farm on Highway 52 about three miles north of Decorah. Four occupants were in a car, which failed to negotiate a curve at the foot of the Youmans’ hill. The vehicle knocked down 14 guard posts on the right side of the road. No serious injuries were reported.

Decorah defeated Waukon in the recent homecoming game. Final score 6-0 in the final minute. More than 1,000 people witnessed the homecoming game. The game was played in a sea of mud. Bob Hunt, senior backfield star, dropped back to his 40-yard line and threw a pass to Maurice Gilson for the only score in the game.

Shirley Temple stars in “Dimples” at the Lyric Theatre this weekend. The film tells the story of a loveable little street minstrel.

NOTICE: The party who picked up my billfold at Thurst Kjome’s Music Store in early November IS KNOWN. Please return to the store or to the owner to avoid further trouble.

NOTICE: The party who took the black fur coat at Matter’s Hall last week is being watched. Return the coat to the Journal office at once to avoid trouble.


EVENTY YEARS AGO: U.S. Marshal Fred Biermann of Decorah has arrived back home after two weeks during which time he delivered a federal prisoner to North Carolina and another to Minnesota.

The coal situation may be at the critical stage by mid December, according to officials in Decorah. Rationing depends on many factors, including seriousness of need.

Tales of a mysterious marauder here in town have been reported in northern Winneshiek County. Livestock killings have been reported at several farms. Some witness accounts lead folks to believe it could be a cougar in the area.

Pvt. Reginald Welper is home on a 13-day furlough from Fort Bragg.

Two East Canoe children were baptized recently. The infants are Marilyn Sorenson and Lyle Opheim.

Christmas will be observed in the traditional manner at the Decorah Public Schools and at St. Benedict’s Parochial School this season. Festive Christmas songs and carols will be on the programs.


IXTY YEARS AGO: The Campus Players on the Luther College Campus are presenting Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” this month. Appearing in the play are Decorah’s Betty Rikansrud and Keith Rosheim. Director is the capable Mrs. Helen Bodensteiner of Decorah.

Adolph Running of this city suffered painful, bad skull fractures in a fall at the Grand Theatre recently. He remains unconscious.

It has been announced that David Nelson, head of the English department at Luther, will be a member of the Iowa State committee for selection of this year’s Rhodes Scholars. He has been a professor here for some time.

High scorer in a recent Decorah High School basketball game was Carl Cornell with 23 points. Following close behind were Dave Wangsness, Darrell Lundy and Jerry Davis.

Even though the new Thomas Roberts School here in Decorah was constructed to serve high school students, it is most recently being used for students in grades 1 through 5. An open house was held at the new building last week.


IFTY YEARS AGO: The parking meters lining the streets of Decorah have been covered with green “hoods” stating the words “Merry Christmas.” The free parking program is an experiment. If local Decorah policemen discover people employed in Decorah are using the area for parking all day, their vehicles will be promptly ticketed.

The handsome new Erickson Texaco at the intersection of Highways 9 and 52 across from the new K&S Super Value in Decorah will have a grand opening this month. A modern, two-stall, coin-operated carwash is being unveiled. Four big-size canned hams, a set of snow tires, an 8-transistor portable radio and free oil changes will be given away to lucky winners. Also making big headlines: A giant-sized Texaco man statue stands in front of the station close to the highway to greet all comers into Decorah. It is a cement block building with modern lighting. Mr. Erickson is married to the former Evelyn Houdek, and they have two children. Employees are Kenneth Olson, and Carl Hjelemland; as well as high school student Gary Hove.

The Decorah City Hall Council Chambers is now being used by local teenagers. The rooms will be reserved for dances on Friday and Saturday nights. This is a month-long trial. A modern soft drink machine has been installed, along with an area for card playing and listening to records. The teens must surely find this new party place a popular destination location.

An historical dedication program at the Locust School near Decorah is being planned by Willard Dresselhaus, chairman of the Locust School Historical Club. The school is the county’s second official historical marker.


ORTY YEARS AGO: Ann Louise Kerndt, age 20, of nearby Lansing, was one of five persons killed in an airplane accident Nov. 20 in Guatemala. Miss Kerndt was a volunteer with Direct Relief Foundation of Santa Barbara, Calif., and she was flying in to assist in the cleanup efforts following the earthquake in Guatemala.

Winneshiek County Compensation Board has set the county officers’ salaries for the coming year. Supervisors will bring in $8,500; City Attorney, $15,000; Sheriff, $14,000; Clerk of Court, $12,300; Treasurer, $12,300; Recover, $12,300; and Auditor, $12,300.

Get your flocked Christmas trees at Decorah Greenhouses, Inc. Poinsettias on sale too - for $4.50.

Members of the North Winneshiek 1976-77 boys’ varsity basketball team are Jordan Brower, Bruce Newhouse, Brent Peterson, Elroy McConnell, Chuck Holthaus, Mike Houdek, Tim Danielson, Jeff Floyd, Dave Meyer, Bob Ross and Steve Sexton. Coach is John Lowe.

A brand new pork cut has been announced in Iowa. The Iowa Chop. It is a center cut, 1 ½-inch thick pork chop. The item will soon be featured at several local restaurants including the Cliff House and Nob Hill in Decorah, and at The Wagon Wheel Supper Club in Ossian.

WANTED: Registered Nurses for work in Decorah. Top pay of $5.62 per hour.


HIRTY YEARS AGO: News has been received at the newspaper office of a plan to construct a new elderly citizen housing facility here. A La Crosse, Wis., corporation plans to spend more than $1.25 million on the building.

Nearly 40 Luther students, including 17 from the cross-country team, were injured earlier last month in a freak hayride accident. The hay wagon overturned as it rounded a turn near Bruening Rock Quarry just north of town.

The popular movies “Peggy Sue Got Married” and “Crocodile Dundee” have been held over for more showings at the local theatre.


WENTY YEARS AGO: Latham Furniture’s bid for the old Fareway grocery building on Water Street has been accepted by the Decorah City Council.

St. Benedict’s Catholic Church has published a brand new cookbook. Project organizers were Diann Svenson, Darlene Frana, Gerry Sorenson, Elaine Brynsaas, Brenda Finholt and Beth Einck.

Weston Noble, Luther College Professor of Music, and conductor of the famed Nordic Choir for the past 49 years, has been named to receive an honorary doctor of the fine arts degree from St. Olaf College in nearby Northfield, Minn.

Preliminary site approval has been given the Aase Haugen Home for development of a 33-acre parcel of land for a planned elderly housing complex. The site is west of Locust Road and the Highland Drive intersection. The development is yet unnamed, and it will include an activity room, exercise area, laundry facilities, dining area and much more.


EN YEARS AGO: The Viking boys’ basketball team will strive to improve under first-year-coach David Brown this 2006-2007 season. Returning letter winners are Devin White, Brian Elsbernd and Brett Duffy.

Greg Clark is the new Winneshiek County Veterans’ counselor. He will work every Tuesday at the Winneshiek County Veterans’ Affairs office.

Two cases of the highly contagious Shigella virus have been confirmed here in Winneshiek County. The two cases are in school-aged children.

The Inwood Ballroom in Spillville is featured in the recent issue of The Iowan Magazine. Joyce Meyer of Spillville was photographer for the article.