EIGHTY YEARS AGO: President Roosevelt has sent an important communication to this area in nominating Julius Chekal for reappointment as Postmaster at Fort Atkinson.

…Checking corn for the purpose of parity payments will be started soon in this area, it was decided at a meeting of the County AAA committee with three farm reporters from each township. These payments will average $60 or more to the average farm.

…The Ready Workers 4-H Club representing Jackson and Washington Township won the 100 percent prompt attendance prize. The award was presented at the 4-H girls’ rally day held here recently. Members of the Ready Workers are Marjorie Leuenberger, Marcella Karnik, Martha Smith, Mildred Moser, Madonna Kuhn, Della Griffin, Marilyn Jean Krall, Genevieve Griffin, Mary Lou Krall, Virginia Meyer, Betty Kaufman, Norma Jean Pavlovec and Dorothy Pavlovec. Their club leader is Mrs. Edward Kuhn.

…Mary Roberts has won the first-place prize in the 11th grade English correctness competition for Iowa students. Two years ago she placed second in the 9th grade division. The event is also known as the “Iowa Brain Derby.”

…Ole Ask’s 81st birthday brought his family together over at his place, which is located just a stone’s throw from the Glenwood Church.

…A delightful banquet was held at the Gross Filling station dining room the other evening. The observance was a three-way celebration for Everett and Mary Gross (celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary), for the birthday of Mrs. Everett Gross, and for the birth anniversary of Herb Gross.

…Carleton A. Sperati of Decorah will earn his master’s degree from the University of Illinois in mid-June.

…The new Ellickson Photo Studio opens its doors this weekend and invites everyone to inspect its new quarters in the remodeled Relf Building. A new Century Imperial Studio Camera has been installed and is operational, according to Harold Ellickson. 


EVENTY YEARS AGO: The most intensive manhunt in the history of Northeast Iowa has been conducted during the past few days in an attempt to locate William Mosby, Winneshiek County Clerk of Court. His car has been found at his residence on Oak Street.

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