By Roz Weis
By Roz Weis

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A rural fire truck was called out to the A.T. Holton farm in Glenwood Township the other morning. The firemen made a quick response, but when they arrived about a mile from the house, the main road had drifted shut, so firemen took a temporary road through a field, which slowed them a bit. The fire started in an upstairs closet from an undetermined origin. Some clothes, including a nice new suit of clothes, were destroyed.

…Dick Roberg, age 63, has resumed college work. He is a retired city mail carrier, and is to be commended on putting his time to advantage in studies in which he is most interested.

…FRONT PAGE NEWS: Ed K. Hovden of Uncle Ed’s Café of Decorah has gone to La Crosse and entered the Lutheran Hospital to undergo a general examination, as his health has not been good for some time. His left eye had been troubling him, and an ulcer may have formed.

…Ronald Folette, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G. Follette of Decorah, met with a serious accident the other Saturday morning while coasting down a steep hill from the First Lutheran Church on Broadway to Main Street. He made contact with the fender of a car and was rendered unconscious. He was carried to the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Bauder, 602 W. Main, whereupon his mother was notified immediately. A physician was summoned, and later Ronald was removed to his own home, where a trained nurse was called in to care for him. An x-ray picture will be taken later to ascertain the extent of his injuries.

…Shop F.J. Rosenthal’s Sons for these grocery items from 1937: cod fish, one pound box, 31 cents; cheese, Quaker puffed rice, 19 cents for two packages; and a box of Cracker Jacks (complete with a free valentine) – 10 cents.

…Students maintaining an A-average at Ridgeway School are Lila Rue and Edna Butz.


EVENTY YEARS AGO: A kick-off breakfast fundraiser was conducted last week at the Hotel Winneshiek. Funds will finance a salaried full-time secretary for the Decorah Chamber of Commerce.

…The old Beard home at the corner of Main and Mill Streets is being offered up for sale by the Anton Bernatz Post of the American Legion. The Legion post bought the home in 1942, and has occupied it ever since. The legion has outgrown these quarters and plans to build a larger home as soon as practical.

…Orris Burreson will succeed Julia Dahle at the Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Factory. Miss Burreson was previously with the local ration board for four years.

…The possible closing of the Western Union telegraph office here in Decorah has folks talking. Senator George Wilson has asked for a senate investigation into the proposed closing in Decorah and many others.

…FRONT PAGE NEWS: Dr. Howland, local osteopath, has fractured the lower part of both bones in his right arm as a result of a fall from a ladder.

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