By Roz Weis
By Roz Weis

    EIGHTY YEARS AGO: It’s official. The Decorah Board of Education has completed a deal for the purchase of three and one-half lots north of the present school grounds and bordering on Jefferson Street. Total cost is $600. If the proposed Dry Run flood control program is carried out, these lots will enable the school grounds to be considerably enlarged.

Operators of the High Life Inn on West Water Street are going ahead with plans to install a bowling alley soon at the location. Plans call for four alleys. Bowling has proven very popular in the area this winter. Alleys have been in operation for some time in the Steyer Opera House block, and two more alleys are being added there.

A modern sound system is being installed at the Lyric Theatre in downtown Decorah. Manager is Ellen Larsen.

A brand new modernized neon sign has been erected at the Hotel Winneshiek. The sign reads “HOTEL WINNESHIEK.” It is about 12 feet high and one of the most attractive signs in the city.

In the most recent issue of “The Central Contractor” magazine, it is stated… “Among the dozen or so projects recommended for immediate construction is the Dry Run reservoir and channel enlargement for Decorah.” Debate continues.

Temperatures in the area reached 23 degrees below zero here the other morning. The government thermometer is never wrong. About four inches of snow also fell in the area.

At a recent meeting of the Decorah Chamber of Commerce, a letter from Congressman Fred Biermann was read stating that he had been informed by the Iowa Conservation Commission that there are now three wild deer, a buck and two does, available for release in the county. A suitable area is being sought for the deer.

Prof. and Mrs. Theodore Nickel, accompanied by their infant son, left Calmar the other night for New York City, from where they will depart on the S.S. Berengaria for a six months’ stay in Europe. Their picture was taken and featured in the Sunday Des Moines Register Society Section. Prof. Nickel has been granted a leave of absence from his duties at Luther, and will pursue special studies in orchestral and choral conducting and composition in Norway, Germany and England.

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