EIGHTY YEARS AGO: The Board of Supervisors recently issued a formal request that positions in the offices in the courthouse, which were formerly held only by married women, should also be given to single women. Two of the first single women to be hired to date are Miss Vera Casterton, in the clerk's office; and Miss Florence Burreson, a new employee in the recorder's office.

...A 21-year-old Ossian farm boy has been missing since last Saturday night. Some of his possessions were found along the riverbank. A thorough dragging of the river has brought no results. The family of Glen Amdahl is offering a reward of $100.

...James Ronan of Decorah, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ronan, a junior at Columbia College in Dubuque, has been elected vice president of "The Wranglers" the school's intercollegiate debating society.

...Gullick Gullickson, well-known Springfield Township farmer, who had the misfortune to slip and fall while going from the house to the barn last week, is now in the hospital. He broke one of his legs below the knee.

...Shop Windle Motor Company for the newest Ford autos in town. Roadsters priced at $460. Coupes priced at $490; and convertibles, $650.

SEVENTY YEARS AGO: FRONT PAGE NEWS: A sadness is hanging over the employees at the Winneshiek County courthouse. One who had often gladdened their hours of labor in the dark corridors of the courthouse met with an untimely death this week. Rex, commonly seen in the sheriff's office, was an always faithful companion of Sheriff George A. Harms. An auto struck the little black-and-white cur on a Decorah street. He has now passed into the great unknown.

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