ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO: The Commercial Club of Decorah held a special meeting at city hall the other evening. Paving of several streets in Decorah was urged. A chamber member referred to neighboring Cresco as a place where paving had at first been strongly opposed, but where now the property owners want it. He said that Cresco is paving 10 blocks of the residential district next year. The Cresco work is being done by the Fred Carlson Company of Decorah. Should Decorah consider paving a lengthy area from the city to Locust Road, the cost could be as high as $2,000, according to Engineer Chas Alftillisch.

…American Legion Day at Anton Bernatz Post here netted a profit of about $870 to the post.

…All ex-servicemen and women who have not applied for Victory Medals should apply as soonas possible in Decorah. Formal distribution is planned Nov. 11, 1920.

…A new cash system was installed at Connor Bros & Knight Department Store here last week. Knight visited several larger department stores in the Twin Cities and Chicago, and decided upon a National Cash Register, similar to those used in the big stores. Customers will not be delayed in waiting for change from now on!

…It seems that the women of Iowa owe it to their consciences and their unblemished citizenship to vote for a thorough cleansing of our state offices and our state officers from the notorious graft and bold corruption that have smirched its fair name. It also seems that the thinking women of Iowa owe it to themselves to repudiate by their first votes that worst specimen of unjust class legislation that has been forced through congress by the selfish interests in the last 50 years! – From a letter to the editor in October, 1920.

…Polls for the election open Nov. 2 at 8 a.m. Vote early and avoid the reush! Polls close at 7 p.m.

…A new line of boys’ winter coats arrived at Larsen’s. $7 each.

…The Decorah Journal’s Bluffton news correspondent Miss Gladys Murdock writes that she picked roses from her yard on Oct. 25, and that is the second time the bush blossomed this year.

…The best businessmen of Winneshiek County now carry two bank accounts. One of these is the ordinary checking account to be used in current business and living affairs, and the other is a new SAVINGS ACCOUNT, either to take care of some debt, or to purchase something, or to have ready for an emergency. It is good to have a savings account to draw on in times of stress. Stop at the National Bank of Decorah to learn more.

NINETY YEARS AGO: A program and Halloween basket social is planned at District No. 1 Sumner Township School later this month. Ladies are asked to please bring the baskets. Mildred Balik is the teacher. 

...The fellowship of the love of old Decorah has drawn her former sons in the Twin Cities together to form a club called the Decorah Club of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Walter Ingvoldstad has been elected the first president of the new organization. 

...Folks in Waukon and Decorah will no doubt recall a shoe-string peddler named Thomas who has been making the rounds around here frequently selling his wares. Well the man has been arrested in Dubuque after housewives complained about the peddler in his tattered clothes as he was walking into their homes unannounced. A search of his person revealed certificates of deposit for $3,300 hidden carefully away. He has since been held for more questioning in Dubuque. 

...DeWitt’’s Barber Shop, located next to Grant’s CafĂ©, has a new cure for dandruff. Stop by for a free treatment today! 

...Connor-Knight has a new line of Formfit Innerbelt Girdleieres for the ladies of the household. Perfect for her “misplaced weight.” Priced at 98 cents. 

...A benefit dance was held last Saturday night for the John Andersons. The Andersons have been having more than their share of sickness and were presented with the proceeds from the dance, put on by friends and neighbors. A fine supper was served at midnight.