EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Two adventurous young Minneapolis boys, Gordon and Curtis Swan, were taken in tow by Art Holm last Sunday night over at the Scott Oil Station near Decorah's West Bridge. The boys were given a night's lodging. They were on the way home to Minneapolis, hitchhiking from Chicago. They told locals in the area they had been at the World's Fair there.

...Current enrollment at Luther College is 275 males. There are 51 girls enrolled at the Decorah Junior College for Women.

...A final reporting has been received, and consensus is that the recent Girl Scout Pet Show was a big success here, with more than $90 in gross receipts. Bottles of Nehi, delicious ice cream, and other refreshments were served on the lawn at the Montgomery home.

...A force of local men is busy cleaning up the old Addiken Brewery here in town. A new brewery may be operated here in a short time. The men are hoping to secure an option on the 134-acre Henry Lubke farm just west of the city. This is where the old Addiken brewery is located. The option calls for $100 an acre.

...Shop Gilles Food Market in Decorah for these bargains from 1933: four pounds of brown sugar, 21 cents; one quarter of molasses, 15 cents; two pounds of cranberries, 29 cents; and three pounds of hamburger or sausage, 18 cents.

...Holmberg & Erickson Market has a special on Ace High Blue Ribbon Beer, a case of 24 pints for $2.25.

...A new shipment of first-run newsreels has arrived at the Grand Theatre. These reels are as timely as any ever presented in theaters across the country.

...Auctioneer O.J. Forde of the Big Canoe Church neighborhood north of Decorah brought in an enormous sunflower the other day. It is on display at the newspaper show window, and it is receiving a lot of attention. The sunflower is nearly 14 feet high.

SEVENTY YEARS AGO: Luther College enrollment figures have been finalized by the registrar. There are 202 students enrolled, and of this number there are 62 men. The freshmen class alone has 100 enrolled to date.

...The Calmar Bunco Club had a meeting the other evening at the home of Mrs. Kenneth Reisner.

...The Piggly Wiggly in town has 3-pound jars of Spry pure vegetable shortening for 67 cents. Also on sale this week: A large box of Rinso for 23 cents (for use in tub, washer and dishpan).

...The Women's Relief Corps will hold a "thimble bee" this week at the American Legion Hall.

...It cost four young Protivin boys $50 each (and court costs) for damaging headstones in the Catholic cemetery. They were initially fined $100 each, but that fine was suspended by half. Of course it is pending repair of the damage by the boys.

...Decorah Produce Company is in dire need of "women workers." Due to the war, local women can be employed at 40 cents per hour for a 40-hour work week.

...Marriage licenses were issued this week to the following: Herbert Wenthold and Mildred Einck of Fort Atkinson; Ervin Kupka of Fort Atkinson and LaVonne Frey of Calmar; and Hugh Mincks of Joplin, Mo., and Loretta Goltz of Calmar.

...A rash of whooping cough is reported in the Pleasant Township area.

SIXTY YEARS AGO: A grand total of 27 cars and trucks were sold by the sales team at Lundberg Motors here during a recent two-day promotion. A luncheon for all purchasers of the new cars was held at the Hotel Winneshiek.

...Now showing at the Decorah Drive-In: "Bedtime for Bonzo" starring Ronald Reagan.

...Harris Ellingson suffered a fractured skull in a fall at the Ronan Brothers stockyards.

...From the trail of the stork from 1953: A son was born Sept. 13 to Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Haeussler of Decorah; a son was born Sept. 14 to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holthaus of Decorah; and a daughter was born Sept. 14 to Mr. and Mrs. John Kahout of Calmar; a daughter was born Sept. 19 to Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Cook of Decorah; and a daughter was born Sept. 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thompson of Decorah..

...Jim Weis has defeated Roger Wheatman for the Oneota Golf Club championship. Weis was runner-up for the championship last summer.

...Herman Preus is the new senior class president at Calmar High School. Junior class president is Donald Russett.

...Ronnie Bellows of Calmar recently had surgery on his legs at the Kenny Institute in Minneapolis. He will remain as a patient there for up to three months. His legs have been paralyzed ever since he was stricken with polio last year.

...Several local boys from Calmar are off to college this fall. Heading to Iowa State in Ames are Nancy Peck, Carl Don Meyer, Jo Shindelar, Linus Rothmeyer, Darryl Wangnsess and Floyd Bucheit. Attending the University of Iowa in Iowa City are Alan Russett, Sylvester Sluka and George Griffin Jr.

...Paul Linnevold and Elsie Cutting are the respective club champions at Silvercrest this fall.

FIFTY YEARS AGO: Mrs. C.J. Welgos, a Decorah resident for many years, is the new counselor to women at Luther College. Miss Fayetta Paulson, dean of women at Luther since 1955, resigned to become dean of women at Bowling Green State University.

...One of the highlights of the registration week activities on the Luther College campus this fall was the traditional march to church. Services were held at Nustad Field.

...Luke's Discount Store is having a grand opening. Here are some of the grand opening specials: Alka Seltzer, 28 cents per package; boxed chocolates, 49 cents; Crest toothpaste, 58 cents; Eveready batteries, 9 cents each; and Sylvania light bulbs, 29 cents for a two-count package. Don Saffran will be the manager of the new store. He comes to Decorah from Dubuque.

...Decorah's football team shutout another opponent the other night, beating Oelwein by a score of 26-0. Coach Hans Petersen said he is well pleased with the work of his team. Standouts were Wayne Ellingson, Roger Clement, Jim Hedemann, Richard Hoeg and Phil Bergan.

...The Danny Kaye Show is premiering on the television this week.

...The new bridge spanning the Hog's Back on Highway 52 near Decorah is featured on the cover of the official 1964 Iowa Highway Map, which will be released here soon. It will be featured in living color.

FORTY YEARS AGO: The Burr Oak Ladies Aid is celebrating their 45th year.

...Luther College is offering Spanish language classes for local students in grades four through six.

...Jack Nelson is the new president of the Luren Singers. Vice president of the singing organization is Larry Lubbert.

...Poems by Iduna Field and Lou McClure, both of Decorah, have been published in the new edition of "Lyrical Iowa."

...Pat Karnik of Decorah is currently on tour with the 1973 Ski Expo Show produced by a New York company. She learned to ski at local Nor Ski Runs. She is currently practicing at South Lake Tahoe. The ski show will tour throughout the country this winter.

...Mark Vick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Vick of Route 5, Decorah has won the portable television set at the Decorah Junior High, His award was one of the grand prizes as part of the magazine sales campaign.

THIRTY YEARS AGO: The Styling Hut is one of Decorah's new businesses. Carol Brokken opened the shop earlier this fall at 120 West Washington St. She is a native of nearby Harmony, Minn.

...Oneota Country Club has completed a major expansion project, and it is now an 18-hole golf course. The new course will possibly be ready for play the Fourth of July next summer.

...Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and his family are vacationing in Winneshiek County this weekend. They plan to spend a night at the Cliff House, according to his itinerary. They will visit the local Norwegian-American Museum and the Bily Clocks, as well as tour Fort Atkinson during the Rendezvous celebration.

...From the society pages of 1963: The engagement of Lynne Halse and Donald Rilling is announced. They will be married Oct. 8 at St. Benedict's Catholic Church in Decorah.

TWENTY YEARS AGO: Decorah Deli is a new business in Decorah. The focus is specialty items. The deli is open in the former Kwik Trip building on Water Street. There is currently seating for 16 diners.

...The 1993 Decorah High School homecoming queen is Kelley Burge. She is the daughter of Phil and Barb Burge.

...The Clarksville Diner of Decorah will serve brats and beverages before the Decorah home football games this season. Proceeds will go to the Decorah Club D teen center.

...The future of Nor Ski Runs on Decorah's west side will be determined at a public hearing early next month. The downhill ski facility is being reviewed due to extensive flood damage to equipment over the summer.

TEN YEARS AGO: The first annual Great Autumn Tractor Ride (GATR) brought 100 vintage tractors to Decorah recently.

...Fort Atkinson will hold its annual Rendezvous weekend festivities later this month. Theme is "Pioneer Agriculture."

...Stephanie Cline is celebrating her 21st birthday.

...Brandt Hall on the Luther College campus has received a $3.7 million renovation.

...The Decorah Vikings take on West Delaware in the upcoming homecoming game on Sept. 26, 2003.