EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Two young chicken thieves, thought not to be older than 24 years old, were arrested the other morning by Sheriff Christen. They were picked up near the local airfield, and the men had 15 chickens in their possession. They are sitting quietly in jail, awaiting trial.

...Mrs. Emma S. Lower has purchased the chocolate shop from the Misses Ella and Mary McMasters. The business previously was operated by K.A. Vick. The deal was closed last week and possession was given at once. Mrs. Lower expects Fred Schrubbe and his family will work in the store. Fred is a brother of the new proprietor. Mrs. Schrubbe will do the cooking and the Misses Mary and Winifred will have charge of the fountain service.

...Several local boys have left Decorah for military training camps. Albert R. Aschim, Alfred Grant, O. Tovson, E.R. Ellingson, Abraham Jacobson and R. Morgan are off to Fort Snelling. Carlton Baker and Stanley Youmans are the alternates.

...An airshow promoter from Dubuque was in town last week to inspect the local air strip. A new connection between Dubuque and Decorah is being considered.

...The entire process of manufacturing a new Ford automobile is now illustrated in a moving picture show at the Grand Theatre. Frank T. Windle, local Ford dealer, brought the big screen picture here last week to show the public all the work of Henry Ford's company.

...FRONT PAGE NEWS: Little Lavone Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Taylor, fell while playing on the Mechanic Street Bridge the other morning. She cut her forehead. The wound continued to bleed most of the day, but at present she is getting along nicely.

...The Washington Lunch, located at Washington and Main, is serving plate dinners between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Charge for the meal of meat, two vegetables, bread, butter and coffee - 30 cents! Lulu Chase, proprietor.

...A cyclone struck the territory between Decorah and Bluffton last week, hitting several farms. The storm tore the roof off the back part of the house on the Child's farm, two miles north of town. Locals say the roar could be heard plainly in Decorah.

...Dr A. F. Fritchen, who recently rented the Lester Pearson's house on Decorah Avenue, has had his household goods moved to their new home. He can now be reached there by telephone.

...Remodeling work on the Elks is expected to be finished in a week to 10 days. Some 15 men have been busy putting on the new asbestos roofing, enlarging the southern part of the building, and decorating the entire structure over the last two months. A driveway has been fixed up on the north side of the building and crushed rock was put down on the alley near the building and on the roadway. A good-sized auditorium is in the building, and will provide ample room for the many meetings held there.

SEVENTY YEARS AGO: That new Green Parrot Café is a very attractive place indeed! Situated just north of the West Decorah Bridge on Highway 52, the business opened to a nice patronage. In modernistic style, semi-circular at the north end, which is completely enclosed with windows all around the building, the café is very attractive in its coating of white stucco. Architect Charles Alfillisch designed the restaurant. A modern soda bar also has an attractive design.

...Nels Ramsey, a lifelong area resident, died at the Aase Haugen Old People's Home last week. He fell down an elevator shaft.

...Kenneth Baer of Cresco, state conservation officer for this section of the state, went to Lodges State Park near Boone last week and received 250 ring neck pheasants about two weeks old. He brought them back here to the fish and game protective association. They were taken to the Emick Ellickson farm southwest of Decorah, where they will be reared for about 10 weeks.

...Luther College has received 60 signed applications for attendance to the college this fall.

...Miss Virginia Rosenthal was selected by a Hollywood talent scout for an appearance in "Screen Juvenile Follies of 1939." Her parents are former esteemed Decorah residents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rosenthal. The Rosenthals now make their home in Muscatine. Miss Virginia is 14 years old.

...Winkie's Grocery in Decorah has these July specials - coffee - 15 cents per pound; flour - 19 cents for a five-pound bag; and fruit pectin for all your jams and jellies - 10 cents per package.

...ALERT - The mass planting of hollyhocks has been encouraged for the beautification of area highways.

...Violet Amundsen will become a partner in the Priscilla Shop here with Miss Effie Anderson.

...The Decorah pool management has set aside a day as Waukon Day to give Waukon area swimmers an opportunity to get acquainted with the pool. The free day is Aug. 3, 1938.

SIXTY YEARS AGO: Police Chief Bert Smithling is alerting local youngsters that all those who fail to register their bicycles this week will be subject to a 25 cent fine!

...Intruders entered the apartment over the Sugar Bowl Store at about 4 a.m. last weekend. Buster Miller, who occupies the apartment, said he awoke to find an intruder in his kitchen. The fellow ordered Miller to go back to bed or he "would blow his head off." Miller went back to bed. It is assumed the intruder was hoping to gain entrance to the Sugar Bowl for purposes of robbing the place.

...Another break-in was reported at The Sweet Shop the other morning. Someone gained entrance through the back door and took $15.

...Holt's Dairy has a new home-style ice cream, made in their own Mills Master Freezer. The tasty treat is priced at $1.62 per gallon.

...FARM FOR SALE: House with seven rooms, big nice yard and beautiful lawn. The property has several farm buildings, plus 57 acres of good farmland. Priced reasonably - $5,500 for the whole farm!

...Now showing at The Grand - "Western Union" starring Robert Young and Randolph Scott. Coming soon - "I Remember Mama" starring Irene Dunne.

...The new Winneshiek saddle Club officers have been elected: George Bucheit, president; Horace Brickner, vice president; and Mel Woldum, secretary-treasurer.

...Bake Rite Bakery now provides free city delivery of baked goods!

...The model plane meet at Luther College drew 50 entries. Prizes totaled nearly $2000.

FIFTY YEARS AGO: FROM THE EDITORIAL PAGES - As we welcome the state of Alaska to the Union, we feel duty-bound to point out to her that her new statehood is not going to be all roses. There are many rules and expectations on the horizon.

...The Decorah Police Department has purchased a new squad car. Low bid was Dahly's Chevrolet - $777.

...Bill Muray, Republican candidate for governor, will be in Decorah for a luncheon at the Hotel Winneshiek over the weekend.

...Shop Rygg's Jewelry for earrings - priced at 69 cents each.

...The American Association of University Women has added Luther College to its list of approved institutions. Mrs. Lester Larson is president of the new Decorah branch. Other officers are Mrs. Irene Rogers, Mrs. Lowell Erdman and Mrs. P.T. Mears.

...Shop IGA for these July specials - bread - seven loaves for $1. Pillsbury cake mixes - 8 for $1. Oleo margarine, five pounds for $1. Lemonade - 10 cans of frozen concentrate - $1.

...Gerald Pint of Decorah has earned his Bachelor of Science degree during summer commencement at Iowa State College.

...Joanne Turner has resigned as the home economist for the Winneshiek County Extension Office. She will now accept a teaching position in Wisconsin.

FORTY YEARS AGO: Senior Girl Scout Troop No. 32, under the direction of their leader, Mrs. Jack Thompson, will operate a sandwich and cold drink stand on the Porter House Museum grounds during the Nordic Fest.

...A total of 14 men from Winneshiek County have been inducted into the Armed Forces in recent weeks. Among them: Leon Bockman, Kenneth Bullerman, Dennis Corson, David Hagemeier, Alvin Hageman, Michael Klimesh, Donald Lansing, Dean Lensing, Roger Linderbaum, Raymond Lukes, Dean Rue, Dale Schutte, Leslie Thompson and Stephen Thompson.

...The Viking town team took down Cresco last week. Pitchers Darrell Sersland and Bill Varner combined to no-hit the Cadets.

...The Big Canoe Luther League will host a lawn supper and ice cream social next Saturday night.

...Remodeling work is progressing on the Woolworth Store in downtown Decorah. A new vinyl floor is being installed.

...Joseph Gerald (Jerry) Donlon of Decorah is taking his final internship as a pharmacist at Donlon's Drug Store. He will take his state exams soon.

...New artificial breeding of swine is now available in this area - $5 cash or $5.50 charge per service.

...Luther College will provide overflow housing for Nordic Fest guests this year. The fest attracted 35,000 people last summer.

...Mary Lou Hageman of Decorah says "It's fun to be a Cliff House Waitress!" She's just one of the friendly faces you'll see at the Cliff House in Decorah!

...The Martinson Family Singers have departed on their fourth annual singing tour. Pastor Martinson serves two congregations - Big Canoe and Highland. He is a member of the Luren Singing Society. Since moving to Decorah in the fall of 1965, the family has sung at many churches through out the Midwest and in California, Washington and Texas.

...Vic's Pizza now serves up delicious Henny Penny Chicken!

THIRTY YEARS AGO: Obert Sacquitne is a new member of the hospital board of trustees here.

...Connie Vrazek, Maria Svestka, Bev Vrba, Shelllie Langreck, Mary Lee Hackman, Mary Panos and Mary Speltz helped move Turkey Valley's softball team to victory the other night.

...Roger Balk, a 1978 honor graduate at Turkey Valley, has enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Balk of Jackson Junction.

...Debbie Sorenson is a new flight instructor at the Decorah Airport.

...Several coats were taken in a burglary at Seifert's Women's Apparel in downtown Decorah last weekend. Thieves entered by removing the front door lock.

...Rev. Vincent Aaker of Rochester, Minn., will join the Luther College staff as director of deferred giving in the development office.

...Kathy Weselmann was recently hired as a new stylist at the Parkway Beauty Salon.

TWENTY YEARS AGO: The Pump Boys and the Dinettes are some of the exciting attractions at Luther College this year as part of the Luther Center Stage Series for 1988-89.

...Karwyn Huinker of Decorah showed the grand champion market hog at the Winneshiek County Fair. Marty Knutson showed the grand champion market beef steer. Beth McClintock of Decorah took home first place in the junior showmanship competition at the 1988 market beef show.

...Anvy Wicks, Ellen Wiest and Floyd Bolgren were recently honored on their retirement from NITI (Northeast Iowa Technical Institute).

...Pat Williams, a fine Decorah prep star, has been named the Cedar Rapid's Gazette's "Athlete of the Year." He will report for football practice at the University of Northern Iowa Aug. 5. He is the son of Roger and Sally Williams, rural Decorah.

...The First Responders of Calmar include Ken Humpal, Mike Wilder, Mike Halse, Marty Timp, Randy Elsbernd, Dan Swehla and Keith Frana. Fort Atkinson's volunteer responders are Judy Ott, Laurie Rausch, Karleen Lensing, Roger Smith, Don Boyer, Clark Franzen and Bill Timp. Spillville's First Responders organization includes Mary Phillips, Nancy Kovarik, Marsha Jahnke, Gene Ott, Jane Ott, Lester Lechtenberg, Sam Adams, Merlyn Philips, Dan Swehla, Cheryl Novak and Beth Burch. A benefit for the groups is planned at the Inwood in Spillville this summer.

...Steve Shupp of Decorah was recently appointed to the honor council for Kent Feeds Inc.

...Calmar has appointed their youngest mayor in the town's history. Larry Huinker, 32, will serve as mayor for a little over a year, completing the term vacated by former Mayor Gary Teslow who resigned due to a job transfer to Waukon.

TEN YEARS AGO: Dawn Stendel showed the supreme champion dairy cow at this year's fair. Mandy Reddel showed the grand champion pen of three in the hog show. Emily Huinker showed the prize individual market hog and Hannah Hovden showed the grand champion market beef steer.

...Members of the Decorah freshman baseball team this year are Justin Casterton, Tim Smedsrud, Jacob Exey, Steve Klemme, Aron Dahlen, Ted Kuennen, Andy Weber, Jason Leidahl, Reed Allen, Ricky Kephart, Ryan Smith, Andy Stroeve, Rolf Goulson, Justin Albers, John Jaeger, Jared Winger, Zach Jevne, Dusty White, Craig Wenthold and Adam Thornton.

...The Decorah softball team has set a school mark, claiming their 25th win last weekend at a tourney in Coon Rapids. Standouts for Decorah were Teri Olson, Beth Carolan, Jenni Christopher, Tiffany Loomis and Jamie Lemke.