EIGHTY YEARS AGO: United States Highway 55, that paved road which has brought so much auto traffic to and throughout this city, is shortly to have its number changed. It will hereafter be known to all as “The New U.S. Highway 52.” The length of the highway will be greatly increased, to extend from the Canadian border in North Dakota clear to the Atlantic coast at Charleston, South Carolina.

…Ben Bear has a new line of Easter suits for the handsome gent in the household. The new 1934 Worsteds, Tweeds and Twists are really something to see. Priced at $21.45.

…Ray’s Foot and Comfort Shop at 107 Winnebago Street (one door north of the Western Union telegraph office) has new high-heeled women’s Easter shoes of crushed leather. Priced at $2.98.

…FRONT PAGE NEWS: The estate of Dr. and Mrs. Svebakken, who were both tragically killed Jan. 12 in an automobile accident in Gainesville, Fla., is now valued at upwards of a whopping $78,000. The largest part of the estate is invested in bonds and notes. As the couple had no children, the principal heirs are Mrs. Svebakken’s two brothers and two sisters, who reside in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin.

…The Silver Crest Golf course, which opened here several years ago about a mile and a half northwest of Decorah on Highway 55, will be sold soon to a party of Decorah folks with a shared interest in the golfing world.

…Big news local housewives. You can rent a brand new electric range for as low as 31 cents per week from the Interstate Power Company. The payment can be made right along with your husband’s electric service bill on a special new lease agreement.

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