EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Dr. Hubert T. Opsahl plans to lead a movement to seek to have one of the Army unemployment camps in Winneshiek County. He is anxious for such a camp to work on re-establishing the old Indian trail that started near Lansing and passed through Decorah to Fort Atkinson and Waucoma. He said hiking has become a great sport in recent years, and this type of trail would be of interest and attractive to tourists.

...Dry rallies continue to gain popularity in this area. The rallies are being held under the auspices of the United Dry Organizations of this area. A good attendance has been reported. Iowa will vote on prohibition repeal in June.

...Two local men have been charged with larceny after stealing gasoline and a barrel from a local oil station. Both paid fines of $25 each and were sentenced to one year in the county jail, but this sentence was suspended.

...Hog prices have topped at $4.30 at the Chicago Board. While this price is far from profitable or satisfactory, it is better than recent prices. Eggs remain steady at 12 cents.

...Brickner's is running a special on salt blocks. Priced at 38 cents each.

...Fritz, that fine police dog owned by the Rev. Paul Koren, was killed the other day when a charge of dynamite exploded while land was being cleared on his property. The purebred dog was highly prized by Rev. Koren.

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