EIGHTY YEARS AGO: Here's a list of attributes the local boys believe would make the best all-American girl at Decorah High School in 1934: personality of Marjorie Kennard; hair of Lillian Winger, form of Solveig Dorrum, Legs of Gladys Haugen, eyes of Vernelle Kennard, nose of Marjorie Bridell, common sense of Mildred Holmberg, faithfulness of Kathleen McConnel. What a girl she would be. (The list was released in a recent edition of The Dynamo).

...Lower electric rates are now in effect in Decorah. The old residential rate was 9 cents for the first 25 kilowatt hours and eight cents for the next 50 and five cents for the balance. The new rate has dropped by a penny.

...The Decorah CCC men have been feasting on reindeer meet. The Alaskan reindeer meet was supplied by a Kansas City packing firm.

...Two local policemen are on night force during the winter months: Alton Nelson and Herman Tavener.

...The B. Anundsen Publishing Company has now acquired title to the three business buildings on Water Street east of the former Decorah State Bank. The buildings are now occupied by Barge's Café, the A.P. Haugen restaurant and Hines restaurant.

...Albert Bernatz, local grocer, was struck by a car the other night in front of the United Lutheran Church. He is convalescing at home.

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