EIGHTY YEARS AGO: A waterfall of 20-feet wide with a drop of 90 feet, all about 400 feet below ground level, was explored by a group of 10 Decorah young men the other afternoon near Harmony, Minn. Traces of pre-historic mammals were also discovered. The boys were in the cave for five hours, and they agreed that they were astounded by the beauty and gigantic size. The stalagmites and stalactites were like crystal icicles. The group of young explorers included Leo J. Tekippe, Norris, Ari and Nathan (Dutch) Blegan, Oscar and Marvin Anderson, G. Hallman, Norman Indvick and Ed and Willett Sampson. Leo told the newspaper that they saw some queer spectacles near the bottom of the cave. Some of their findings are on display at the local Coast-to-Coast Store.

...Word has been put out to lock up your houses. Thieves are busy in these parts in recent days. Chief of Police Tavener and Sheriff Graf are instructing local residents to closely guard their home, as robberies have been reported at several locations. The residence of M.C. Henningsen on Ravine Street was entered into, along with that of the J.C. Hammond family and the Hans Teslow house. Cash is what the thieves are seeking.

...Don Amundsen has captured first place in the local ping-pong tourney. He defeated Carroll Hutchinson and Harold Olson on his way to victory.

...Forty men and women attended a meat-cutting demonstration put on at the home of Mrs. Margaret Haugen last week. Mr. Dack very ably showed the folks how to cut up a beef correctly and also demonstrated canning of meat in tin cans, processing them in a pressure cooker.

...Ernest Bergman, familiarly known as "Ernie," has been named manager of the Winneshiek Hotel in Decorah. The announcement was made by E.A. Boss, the capable manager of the Boss hotel chain.

...The fine herd of milking shorthorn cattle at the C.C. Pilgrim farm was sold at auction this week. An average of $80 per animal was paid. Colonel Waters conducted the sale.

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