The students of Carrie Lee Elementary in Decorah are presenting their annual spring concerts and art shows in the Decorah High School Auditorium. 
The fourth graders’ concert is Monday, May 5, and is entitled “Turn the World Around.” Students will sing, dance and play Orff instruments to accompany themselves on selections from around the globe.
They also will demonstrate the recorder, which they have learned this year in preparation for band or orchestra opportunities in fifth grade.
Tuesday, May 6, the third graders will present “Nature Sings.”
In their concert, the students will not only sing, dance and play Orff instruments, but they also will demonstrate new choral harmonic skills using canons, partner songs and basic harmony.
Both concerts begin at 7:15 p.m.
Carrie Lee students have been receiving their music instruction this semester from Jane Kolarich, and Carol Gaustad is their art instructor.