Decorah Community School District (DCSD) is working to provide a fully remote learning option for families choosing not to return for any on-site learning due to serious student and/or household member health concerns and/or other serious concerns related to COVID-19.

Family Choice Remote Online Learning Option Iowa Senate File 2310 allows all districts and accredited nonpublic schools to offer accommodations for remote or online learning if a child, another resident of the child’s residence, or one of the child’s regular caretakers has a significant health condition that increases their risk of COVID-19; or when a parent or guardian voluntarily selects the remote learning opportunity. 

The Decorah Online School is planning to utilize the Edgenuity Virtual Curriculum. While families will bear primary responsibility for the day-to-day management and facilitation of online #71 learning through Edgenuity, district staff will ensure course alignment, monitor student attendance and engagement, and support family implementation. For planning purposes, the District will require student enrollment for the full first semester. Students will not be allowed to start in the online model and then change to on-site learning at any point during the first semester. If conditions persist, an online option will be maintained for the second semester. Families would have the option to change enrollment at that time.


Decorah Online School Details:

• Enrollees will receive the standard-issued grade-level appropriate technology device.

• The online model satisfies Iowa compulsory attendance requirements; attendance and weekly demonstrated progress is required.

• Coursework is NOT tied directly to the district daily schedule or led by a district teacher.

• Attempts to keep the same scope and sequence with a traditional classroom will be made if students wish to return to the regular classroom at the beginning of second semester.

• High school students completing coursework through Decorah Online School remain eligible to receive a traditional Decorah High School diploma.

• Enrollees may participate in extracurricular activities. Knowing an accurate number of students who will be using this fully remote option is critical to the district’s planning and deployment.

The number of students involved will influence both cost and staffing. If a family has serious interest in using this fully remote option, they should complete a short survey using a link from the DCSD website.

If parents and guardians plan for their student to participate in onsite learning, both as part of the hybrid model and when schools are fully on-site, there is no need to complete the survey. Those who plan for their student to engage in homeschooling or the Decorah Home School Assistance Program do not need to complete the survey either.

The district asks that those with serious interest in the fully remote option complete the survey by next Friday, Aug. 7.

People can learn more about Edgenuity at the links listed here:

Edgenuity Elementary Brochure:

Edgenuity Middle School Brochure:

Edgenuity High School Brochure:

Online eRegistration Opening Next Week

Parents and guardians should be on the lookout for an invitation to complete online eRegistration next week. They will receive an email with directions and a link inviting them to complete the process and should read all directions carefully. If assistance is needed, there will be an opportunity to set an appointment with a building administrative assistant. On June 26, the District released their Return to Learn Summary. Since that time there have been a number of changes in the guidance for that plan. The District has been working to update the summary document and plans to have a new updated version to share out next week

Contact DCSD Superintendent Mark Lane with any questions at or 563-382-4208.