In a statement released Monday, Oct. 5, the Luther College Center for Global Learning (CGL) and the Dean’s Office noted the decision to extend the suspension of most international off-campus programs through June, 2021. Most international programs scheduled through fall 2020 were originally halted last March.

Programs affected by the extended suspension include: Nottingham Year, Malta Semester, June Term international programs, International Music Festival of the Adriatic and international Alumni Tours.

Programs proceeding as planned (subject to change) include: Washington Semester, Rochester Semester, Chicago Center, Urban Studies - Denver, international spring and summer Partner Programs, June Term domestic courses, and the Nottingham Summer Nursing Program.

In coordination with the CGL, the college’s music marketing team and ensemble conductors have also determined the suspension of international touring for 2020-21. Domestic tour plans are also halted for the current academic year.

The College has stated that “by announcing this extended suspension now, students will have time to reflect on and adjust academic schedules prior to the spring semester registration period. In addition, it provides time for staff in the Center for Global Learning - working with faculty off-campus program leaders - to revise June Term course options so that we are able to offer a mix of both on-campus and domestic off-campus June Term courses.”