Decorah Power is hosting a special feasibility study presentation for non-residents of Decorah currently being served by Alliant Energy, Thursday, Feb. 8, at 6 p.m. at the Christian Life Center in Freeport.
Decorah Power is a group of Decorah-area citizens exploring the opportunity of creating a municipal electric utility (MEU) for locally-owned electricity.
Dave Berg, project leader for the NewGen Strategies and Solutions consulting team that conducted the feasibility study commissioned by Decorah Power, will be giving the presentation.
Berg will walk through the study assumptions and business model conclusions, and explain the potential service territory.
Berg has been in the electric utility business for more than three decades, and has worked with dozens of MEUs during that time. He regularly consults with public power agencies on energy market access and operations.
The study consultants recommended that a municipal utility should encompass the greater Decorah area currently served by Alliant, for the most efficient use of grid resources. A previous Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) ruling made it clear such a territory was an option, but also that ultimately the IUB itself would determine what the appropriate territory should be, if a municipal utility were approved.
Although only Decorah residents would vote on a referendum on whether Decorah should pursue an MEU, out-of-town residents may have special questions and concerns, including voting and representation.
Legal counsel for Decorah Power has indicated non-city residents could serve on a municipal electric utility board. To read the full NewGen study report, visit