The border wall proposal submitted by Reilly Construction and Croell Inc.
The border wall proposal submitted by Reilly Construction and Croell Inc.
Ossian’s Reilly Construction has submitted a proposal for President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico.
Reilly Construction, along with Croell Inc. of New Hampton, proposed a concrete wall using slip- form and tilt-slab construction.
“It’s a unique combination of those two methods that we came up with,” said Justin Lechtenberg, senior vice president of Reilly Construction.
The “concept proposal” was submitted two weeks ago, Lechtenberg said.
“It was open to anyone who wanted to submit nationwide. A handful of contractors will be selected to compete and refine their proposals and provide pricing to build a prototype,” he said.
Part of Reilly’s proposal included the possibility of forming a public/private partnership to have private funding help defray the cost of the wall through memorials people could purchase to have engraved into the wall. President Trump has admitted Mexico isn’t going to be paying for the wall as he claimed during his presidential campaign.
Lechtenberg said there’s no way of knowing how many proposals were submitted. No prices were included in the initial phase; the actual price of the project would be bid in a third phase.
Reilly is involved in projects across the country and has worked directly with the federal government before, although not on anything of similar scale to the border wall.
“We were just interested in it from a standpoint it’s such a large, unique project. It’s unlike anything we’ve gone through before,” Lechtenberg said.
“At this point, it’s just a concept -- a potential solution to the job presented. We don’t know what to expect out of it,” he said. “We approached this project much in the same way we approach all of the public work that we bid in that we offered what we feel to be a very efficient and effective design solution that will give taxpayers maximum value.”