(NAPSI)—“There are stories yet unwritten,” said Orson Scott Card, author of the acclaimed “Ender’s Game.”


So he and all fiction fans can have a better chance to get to read them, he’s joined the “Rune Lords” series creator David Farland and Tim Powers, author of “On Stranger Tides” and many other books, to offer a free online writing workshop.


It takes aspiring authors through the process of coming up with story ideas, research, outlining, plotting, steps to writing your story, writing description, writing dialogue, writing narration, adding suspense, writing the beginning, middle and end of a story, and productivity. The lessons were originally devised by legendary sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard himself and people who’ve taken the workshop say the information and suggestions are as helpful today as when they were first written. The series of 12 sessions from seven to 40 minutes per installment, include a number of reading and writing assignments. Students learn at their own pace. The course can be good not only for aspiring sci-fi writers, but students, parents and anyone who wants to learn how to devise great short stories. 


Participants are also encouraged to submit their work to the L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future contest, the world’s pre-eminent competition for up-and-coming genre authors, noted SciFi editor Jeff Berkwits, that can “help budding speculative fiction storytellers become future Hugo, Nebula, and WOTF award winners.” Past writing winners have published 1,150 novels and nearly 4,500 short stories. 


Already almost 2,000 aspiring authors from over 30 countries have signed up for the workshop. You can join them at www.writersofthefuture.com/register/online-workshop.


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