The 60th Koenig reunion was Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014, at the Castalia Park with a potluck dinner at 6 p.m.

Hosts were the Leonard Koenig and Verne Koenig families.

Angie Fleckenstein led the business meeting with the help of Verne Koenig.

Those attending from Iowa were Ruby Koenig, Duane and Norma Koenig, Misty Koenig, Hailey and Kade Bodensteiner, Harlan Koenig, Luther, Mindy, Ben and Nelson Koenig, Dennis and Sandy Koenig, Postville; Verne Koenig, Travis, Dawn and Isabella Koenig, Decorah; John, Tara, Kylee and Nick Breon, Boone; Dave Koenig, Altoona; Dale Koenig, Elkhart; Bernice Koenig, Ames; Keith and Sue Muller, Walford; Melissa Hammersland, Marion; Bob Koenig, Cedar Rapids: Roger, Kari and Adrian Caceres, Alejandro Koenig, Calmar; Tami Clarke, Springville; Doug and Rhonda Koenig, Frankville; Michael and Janice Koenig, Mike and Laurie Tallman, Castalia; Brian and Peggy Kuening, Menlo; Brad Koenig, Denver;  Bryce, Tiffany, Ellsy and Kase, Waukon; Gary and Sharon Johnson, Creso.

Those attending from out of state were Kristi and Jake Oakland, Angie, Haley and Kelsey Fleckenstein, New Berlin, Wis.; Kevin, Christine, Sophia and Nathan Daleness, Fox Point Wis.; Brandon and Sarah Marsh, Rochester, Minn.; Rhett and Ryder Koenig, Prairie du Chien, Wis.; James and Darlene Koenig, Byron, Minn.

Hosts for the 2015 Koenig Family reunion are the Milton Koenig and Loren Koenig families.