There was a tie in the popular vote for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R) in the Decorah Middle School’s (DMS) school-wide election Monday.
It was the closest mock election ever at DMS, according to school officials. Clinton won by electoral votes.
More than 57,000 students from 250 schools across the state participated in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll this week, according to Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate. Trump received 46 percent of the votes cast, Clinton received 36 percent and Libertarian Gary Johnson received 7 percent.

DMS results
Trump and Clinton each received 237 votes at DMS, but Clinton received 55 electoral votes compared to Trump’s 39 electoral votes.
DMS American history teacher Wes Knaack said in order to simulate a real election, classrooms were designated a specific number of electoral votes according to how many students were in each class during seventh hour.
“The total number of electoral votes for the school was 102, rather than the national number, which is 538 electoral votes. This was created in a similar pattern to the U.S. Electoral College by assigning votes based both on equality and population as each state is assigned votes,” he said.
Seventh and eighth grade students were in charge of the election, which included creating presentations for other students to see where each candidate stood on key issues, creating the DMS Electoral College, checking in students to vote, showing them how to vote and tallying up the final results.
“This created a great teaching moment on how our electoral process works, and what variables help determine who becomes our next president,” Knaack said.