It's the last day of summer and the last thing Katie and Owen Mosby want to do is listen to their dad tell the tale of his teenage years.

But before long they're hooked as their dad's awkward, hilarious and heartwarming high school years play out in front of them in this year's variety show, “How I Got Through High School.”

As in the popular long-running sit-com “How I Met Your Mother,” the stories are told through a series of flashbacks in which our narrator meets his best friends, comes out of his shell, gets in trouble, and more -- all highlighted by the talents of Decorah High School musicians, singers and dancers.

Directed by Thomas Houdek, Jason Rausch, and Kristen Underwood, performances of the variety show will be presented Thursday through Saturday, Nov.  10, 11 and 12, at 7:30 p.m., in the Decorah High School auditorium.

Tickets and dates
Tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for K-12 students. Tickets will be on sale Nov. 7, 8 and 9, from 4 – 6 p.m. at the DHS auditorium box office.

Tickets can also be purchased in the high school office during regular school hours. The box office will open an hour before each show,as well.

Cast and crew

A wide variety of talent will be on display come the second weekend of November, with over 100 students taking part in this year’s show.

Cast and crew members are listed as follows: Austin Barth, Robert Berger, Nick Bockman, Erica Bouska, Devin Brevig, Katherine Bruening, Ayla Carbonell, Augusta Casterton, Michael Cook, Claudia Cowie, Camille Dahlquist, Maddie Davis, Isabel de la Cruz, Finn Deen-Lester, Michael DeVore, Zach Devore, Vita Domnenko, Cody Dostal, Ezri Dowden, Avery Dugger, Lauryn Eggert, Erick Fadness, Maddie Fahey, Indigo Fish, Kenzie Freeman, Mara Frieden, Jenna Galligan, Ross Gentry, Lillian Grouws, Anne Gullekson, Beirgen Gunhus-Dansdill, Owen Henning, Nils Holkesvik, Dawson Holkesvik, Adam Hovden, Abby Hudson, Jordyn Hussain, Laiton Ihde, Isabel Iverson, Madelyn Jermier, Erik Johnson, Helen Johnson, Michael Jones, Serina Kellogg, Andrew Kephart, Cade Klimesh, Kaylee Knight, Carston Krieg, Adam Krieger, Sydney Landstrom, Nate Larson, Maria Lea, Ben Leschensky, Mitchell Leschensky, McKinley Lillegraven, Janaye Lundtvedt, Kelsey Maher, Henrik Marquardt, Lars Marquardt, Keshawn McCain, Landon Miller, Tori Miller, Morgan Minear, Isaiah Mitchell, Makinzie Monroe, Jake Muhlbauer, Kally Peterson, Meretta Peterson, Jarod Phillips, Kayla Quandahl, Rylea Ranum, Jacob Roher, Emma Rooney, Ella Runestad, Sonja Sacquitne, Kirstyn Samuelson, Brent Schaeffer, Maggie Schwarz, Shawn Shindelar, Emellia Sims, Eric Smedsrud, Lily Smith, Ian Smith, Garrett Sorenson, Anna Spencer, Cade Stahl, Nina Stahr, Luke Stock, Katie Storlie, Paul Strand, Rachelle Sullivan, Abigial Toussaint, Abby Trewin, Brynne Valkosky, Jackson Varney, Everett Wegge, Richard Weis, Spencer Weis, Marissa Weis, Jordyn White, Sam Wilson, Grace Womeldorf and Carina Yee.