A general Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) sign up begins Monday, May 20, and runs through June 20.

"To provide information on this signup, an informational meeting on the general Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) has been scheduled," announced Julie Vulk, county executive director for the Winneshiek County FSA Office.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, in the lower level of the USDA Building beginning at 1 p.m.

Information provided at this meeting will include the benefits of CRP, basic program information, the bidding process and completing contracts.

"We are happy that our partner organizations can also help provide information at this meeting," added Vulk.

"Todd Duncan, NRCS's district conservationist will present and answer questions on developing a CRP conservation plan as well as seeding and covers establishment. Brian Sauer, along with Terry Haindfield from DNR will provide information on increasing wildlife and other environmental benefits."

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is the largest voluntary private-land conservation program. It helps farmers, ranchers and other agricultural producers use their environmentally sensitive land for conservation purposes. CRP assists in creating new wildlife habitat, enhancing water, soil, and air quality through a variety of covers that can be established on the offered land. In return for offering the land, the Farm Service Agency provides participants rental payments, cost share and technical assistance, and does so on behalf of the Commodity Credit Corporation.

For more information about this meeting or the general CRP sign up, contact the Winneshiek County FSA office at 563-382-8777 or access the website at www.fsa.usda.gov.