The Decorah City Council's street committee is still accepting comments on bike racks planned for the downtown area.

The committee is considering taking one parking spot on Winnebago Street at the intersection with Water Street and another parking spot on the 400 block of West Water Street for bicycles. Racks would be installed in May and remain through October, according to street committee chair Gary Rustad. The racks would be removed during the winter.

The committee also is proposing another rack be placed on the sidewalk in front of Amundson's Clothing Store. Anyone with input on the topic of bike racks can contact Rustad at 380-0124.

Rustad said his committee is looking into different options for racks that can hold six to 12 bikes.

"With the increase of bicycle traffic in the city - not only because of the new Trout Run Trail, but because of other uses - we're looking at providing additional bike parking spaces downtown. We're trying to eliminate bike parking against buildings, against streets lights and against trees," he said.

"Bicycles are part of our community ... we're trying to make this a bike-friendly community," Rustad said.

Rustad said city officials are always conscious of bicycles when planning any street projects. The recently completed Short Street reconstruction project added two bike lanes, and Rustad said plans for the new intersection in front of the Decorah High School, at Claiborne Drive and State Street, could include bike lanes.