Three percent raises for Winneshiek County’s elected officials for the upcoming fiscal year were approved Monday by the Winneshiek County Board of Supervisors.
The raises were recommended by the Winneshiek County Compensation Board in December.
Officials and their salaries after the raises are: Sheriff Dan Marx, $79,563; County Attorney Andy Van Der Maaten, $72,225; Treasurer Wayne Walter, $61,221; Auditor Ben Steines, $60,751; Recorder Teresa Bockman, $59,941; and supervisors $33,501 (Board Chair John Logsdon receives an additional $860 for his duties).
In December, Compensation Board member Jim Burns made a motion, seconded by Ron Stoskopf, to increase the compensation by 3 percent for each of the county’s elected officials. The motion was approved 4-2 with Burns, Mike Haluska, Dennis Hovden and Stoskopf voting in favor of it, while Tade Kerndt and Al Etteldorf voted against it. 
Members of county unions will be receiving 2.5-3 percent raises for the next two years. The raises are based on the consumer price index, Steines said.
Paul Greufe, of PJ Greufe and Associates in Davenport, was commissioned by the county a few years ago to perform a job classification study. A human resources consultant, Greufe reported in December of 2013 that Winneshiek County is significantly below the state average for compensation for similar positions in Iowa counties of comparable population.
Last year, supervisors approved the 6-percent raises recommended by the Compensation Board for elected officials.