D1, one of three eaglets hatched at the famous Decorah Fish Hatchery nest in 2011, has returned to the area again.

After traveling more than 700 miles, through Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, the eagle returned to Decorah around Christmas 2011. D1 was the only one of the three 2011 hatchlings fitted with a satellite transmitter. The eagle also returned to the area in May.

Raptor Resource Project Director Bob Anderson reported this week that D1 continues to reside in Decorah. RRP is responsible for eagle cam that has provided live video of the eagles nest at the Hatchery. RRP's nest-cam website of the eagles' nest was visited more than 200 million times over the past year.

However, this fall, the eagles built a new nest in a cottonwood on private property near the Hatchery. RRP could not install new cameras while the eagles were working on the nest, because it could have scared them off, Anderson said.

The travels of D1

"It is completely amazing that this same eagle (D1) last summer spent three months in Polar Bear Provincial Park on Hudson Bay in northern most Ontario, Canada, and is now once again back in Decorah. I turned on the satellite receiver and got a strong signal from my kitchen table," Anderson said.

He then loaded his gear into the car and said he was pleased to hear the signal increasing as he made his way into the city of Decorah.

"While driving over a bridge spanning the Upper Iowa River the receiver signal was maxing out, and I spotted D1 perched in a tree overlooking the river.  I snapped a few pictures from a long distance away then drove closer in attempts to get a better image, but she spooked. This is good. She has a fear of man that can only help her in life," Anderson said.