There are some new bovine faces at Iowa’s Dairy Center in Calmar.
Last week, the Northeast Iowa Community-Based Dairy Foundation hosted an open house to unveil its newest attraction: the Hall of Breeds.
The hall includes life-size photos of some of Iowa’s most notable cows. It is located in the corridor between the Iowa Dairy Museum and the Milking Parlor.
Family representatives connected to the seven cows chosen for the display were on-hand last Friday for an open house celebrating the completion of the Hall of Breeds and Nutrition Room areas at Iowa’s Dairy Center.
“This project will be instrumental in improving programming and education for the Dairy Center’s nearly 10,000 annual visitors, including Iowa Dairy Story youth participants and consumers,” said Dairy Center Coordinator Megan Kregel.
According to Kregel, the featured cows were selected by Iowa dairy producers. The Dairy Foundation began the selection process by sending a nomination letter to the membership of each state breed association.
“We only specified that she had to be an Iowa cow. We left the definition of that open to each dairy producer’s interpretation,” said Kregel.
Once nominations were collected, a final ballot was mailed to each breed’s membership database in Iowa.

Featured cows
Cows featured in the Hall of Breeds include:
• Ayrshire: Right Angle T Harley, owned by Ski Pal Ayrshires of Epworth (David Koss) and Yarrabee Cows of Brooklyn (Dane Lang). Breeder is Right Angle Ayrshires of Delhi
• Brown Swiss: Onword Combo Viola, breeder/owner Dennis Worden, Onword Swiss, Oelwein
• Guernsey: Prairie Moon Y Antebella, breeder/owner Prairie Moon Guernseys, Frank and Dan Sivesind, Waukon
• Holstein: Snow-N Denises Dellia-ET, owner Regancrest of Waukon, breeder Robert Snow of Viroqua,Wis.
• Red & White Holstein: Henkeseen Talent Ripple – Red – ET, breeder/owner Henkeseen Holsteins, Trent and Matt Henkes, Luana
• Jersey: Lyon Character, breeder/owner Lyon Jerseys, Eric Lyon, Toledo
• Milking Shorthorn: Lands-Brook Christina – EXP – ET, breeder/owner Lands-Brook Farms, Larry Landsgard, St. Olaf.
The contest grew out of a Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage grant the Dairy Foundation was awarded toward redesigning the interpretative signage at the Dairy Center. The educational signs and materials showcase key nutrition concepts and breed information for Iowa's Dairy Story youth participants and visitors.
Eric Lang of Brooklyn, representing the Iowa Ayrshire Association, spoke about the educational importance of Northeast Iowa Community College’s Dairy Science program.
“We need this in Iowa. This is a good place for people to come to college to learn about herd management. Our young people are ambitious and bright, and producing milk is a good way to make a living,” said Lang.

About the Dairy Center.
The Dairy Center is operated by the Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation, a non-profit, grassroots organization formed to prepare young men and women to operate dairy farms, provide ongoing education for existing dairy farmers and serve as a public educational facility.
The partnership with NICC allows students enrolled in agriculture programs to experience hands-on curriculum by working with the dairy herd.
The Dairy Center site includes an educational facility with classrooms and labs, a milking parlor, new robotic milking system, free stall barn and calf barn.
For more information, call Kregel at 563-534-9957, ext. 107 or email