David Waskow
David Waskow
David Waskow is the new interim dean of students at Decorah High School.

At Monday's meeting, the Decorah School Board approved the hiring of the veteran teacher who took early retirement from the Jefferson-Scranton School District at the end of the 2012-2013 school year and relocated to this area to be closer to family.

In his nine years at Jefferson-Scranton, Waskow worked as a social studies teacher and athletic director. Prior to that, he spent 20 years in the Montezuma school system, where he served as athletic director and was the coach of boys track, among other responsibilities.

"We are very pleased he has accepted our offer for the interim position. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience," said Principal Kim Sheppard.

New position

At last months' meeting of the Decorah School Board, the Board approved the creation of a new dean of students position, to ease some of the burden on existing administrators.

Prior to approving the position, the Board heard from Superintendent Mike Haluska about the long hours put in by the administrators.

"If we continue to work them the way we are now, we'll burn them out and we'll lose them. And that will not be good for this District," said Haluska at December's meeting.

Coming aboard

The District hosted a welcome breakfast for Waskow this week ,and he was to have been introduced to the student body on Wednesday.

Waskow will be responsible for attendance, discipline, safety and related student personnel services and perform the duties within the authority and responsibility delegated by Sheppard. He will assume responsibilities now covered by Sheppard and Assistant Principal/Activities Director Adam Riley in addition to helping supervise extracurricular activities.

"He should be able to hit the ground running with his previous knowledge of how schools work and working with kids," added Sheppard.

Waskow will be paid $30,000 for his interim duties, which will extend into the summer, when he can "assist the District with state reporting and tying up the end of the school year," according to Sheppard.

The District will begin to advertise for the permanent dean of student position in February, when the rest of the District's open positions are advertised.