Decorah High School's individual speech participants, coached by Amanda Huinker and assisted by Molly Holkesvik, competed over the weekend at the Individual State Speech Contest held at Starmont High School in Starmont.

Thirty-six students participated in the contest. Out of Decorah's 39 performances, 23 received I ratings. Of the 23 I ratings, 18 received straight I's.

All-State nominations should be announced either late Monday or early Tuesday. The Individual All-State Festival is March 25, on the University of Northern Iowa's campus.


Receiving a I rating:

Prose - Maggie Breitenstein

Other Participants

Spontaneous Speaking - Hannah Sikkink

Original Oratory - Brianna Doyle

Storytelling - Annika Wahlberg

Poetry - Naomi Davidson, Autumn DeLong

Acting - Maggie Breitenstein

Radio News - Brianna Doyle, Laural Fadness


Receiving a I rating:

Spontaneous Speaking - McKenzie Snyder

Improvisational Acting - Patrick Murphy, Daniel Rinaldelli

Solo Musical Theater - Claire Breitenstein, Rita Maria Guzman

Public Address - Shelby Stalberger, Connor Freeman

Original Oratory - Micheal Foster, Noreen Gentry

Storytelling - Christa Nelson, Sam Iverson, Kirsten Arneson

After Dinner Speaking - McKinleigh McCabe, Steven Holkesvik

Poetry - Kelly Minear, Kendra Larsen

Prose - Emily Markee, Shelby Varney

Acting - Simon Cropp, Gara Lonning, Paul Fadness

Expository Address - Lydia Dawley

Other Participants

Improv - Sam Iverson

Review - Kassie Hoyme, Crystal Mensen

Solo Musical Theater- Bretta Krieg

After Dinner Speaking - Will Yahr

Poetry - Lukas Phillips

Radio News - Hans Holkesvik

Literary Program - Maria Hoyme