The farmland surrounding the Decorah Municipal Airport was leased for $410 per acre last week after a bit of a bidding war.

Andy Orvella was the high bidder during last Tuesday's Decorah City Council meeting and will lease the land for three years.

The city's three-year lease is ending with Mike Henry, who had been leasing the 44 acres for $260 an acre. Several local farmers submitted bids prior to the Council meeting: William Hageman, $350 per acre; Clinton Frana, $325; Andy Orvella, $290; Randy Brinks, $275; Randy Hanson, $272; Dave Hovden, $265; Roy Hageman, $260; Ted Kuennen, $250; and Larry Gehling, $250.

Decorah Mayor Don Arendt told the bidders the city would allow up to 70 percent removal of corn stalks for bedding purposes, but not 100 percent removal for silage. He said the property can't be sublet and no equipment can operate on the airport taxiway or runway.

He then gave the men an opportunity to adjust their bids.

Orvella started the bidding at $360 followed by Gehling, $365; Orvella, $375; Gehling, $380; Orvella, $385; Hageman, $390; Orvella, $400; Hageman $405; and finally Orvella, $410.

Arendt thanked the bidders for participating.