Decorah has made another list of the nation's top places.

Decorah recently was named to the Mother Earth News 2013 "9 Great Places You've (Maybe) Never Heard Of."

"Environmental stewardship and heirloom vegetables are how this small Iowa town rolls. Steeped in Nordic history, Decorah embodies small-town values of hard work and community ties, while embracing a high level of natural diversity," writes Kathryn Compton in the October/November edition of the bi-monthly magazine.

The article cites Decorah's David Cavagnaro as a Mother Earth News contributor and says he visited Decorah for a week before deciding to move here from California 26 years ago.

"He still waxes enthusiastic about the community," says Compton.

"It has all the positive qualities we care about ... It has all the positive qualities we care about," says Cavagnaro in the article.

The article also quotes Andy Nimrod, Decorah Parks and Recreation director, who comments on the community of people who love physical activity and appreciate beauty in their daily lives.

"One of the truly remarkable things is how active kids are here," says Nimrod.

Nimrod goes on to say, "People here have a sense of pride in protecting our scenic little piece of Earth and taking care of our community. It isn't a town of 8,000 people who all hold hands and agree with each other ... People disagree with each other - sometimes passionately. But there's a willingness to participate in the process, work through the issues and then come back in ways that keep the community together."

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