A group of Decorah High School students has captured their first Iowa State Physics Olympics championship.

Last Wednesday, students attended the state Olympics at the McLeod Center at the University of Northern Iowa. A total of 185 students from 21 different school participated after winning in their district competitions earlier in the year. Students compete in six different categories and the combination of the scores by each individual team contributed to a total team score.

Highlights for the Decorah Team included a first-place finish by Mariah Schmelzer and Austin Aschbacher in the bridge-building category, a second-place finish by the team of Dailen Folkedahl and Patrick Murphy in the mousetrap car category and a second-place finish by the team of Hannah Hougen and Maria Hoyme in the soda-straw arm category.

In the team standings, Decorah won with a score of 35 points ahead of Washington with 32 points and Dubuque Wahlert with 26 points. The Decorah High School Physics Olympics team is lead by Tim Hayes.