Following a school year that didn’t conclude until June 7, the Decorah School Board is looking at how the District logs its in-class time.
Currently, the Decorah School District is on a school day system, which requires students to be in class for at least six hours a day for 180 days.
But after a high number of school closings due to winter weather caused students to stay in school until June 7 this year, the Board is reconsidering the school day model.
According to Superintendent Mark Lane, “Of the 330 school districts in Iowa, less than 10 of them still count school days rather than hours. And Decorah happens to be one of those districts.”
The alternative, employed by most districts in Iowa, involves tallying school hours rather than days. Students are required to put in a total of 1,080 hours from the start of school to the end of the year.
This gives districts some leeway, as they can make up an hour or two when possible, often by eliminating scheduled late starts or early outs throughout the year.
“The Board has given me some direction to pursue discussions with the administration about the possibility of making the change from days to hours,” said Lane, adding the District generally approves its school calendar for the next year in February or March.