This year, Decorah's famous eagles can be viewed online no matter which nest they decide to occupy.

Last year, the eagles were off line after they moved their nest near the Decorah Fish Hatchery. The eagle couple and their offspring had been viewed by more than 100 million viewers after Raptor Resource Project (RRP) of Decorah established an eagle-cam at the eagles' original nest in 2009.

Last fall, a live-streaming camera was set up in the new nest, also near the Hatchery, called N2. In recent days, the eagles have been seen bringing in branches and nest material to N2.

According to RRP's Bob Anderson, in past years, the eagles have laid their eggs between Feb. 17 and 25. He said once the first egg is laid, there should be an eagle visible on camera most of the time at

Anderson noted for this nesting season the Raptor Resource Project has set up cameras at both N2 and the original nest, N1. He will have the option of filming at both nests, should the eagles decide to switch for any reason.

For more information or to view the Decorah eagle's nest and other Raptor Resource nest cams, visit or the Raptor Resource Project on Facebook.