Decorah High School mathematics teacher Allysen Lovstuen is one of two recipients recognized with the University of Northern Iowa Robert and Phyllis Yager Education Fund for Excellence.

Lovstuen joins Jodi Osthus, middle school mathematics teacher from Meredith Middle School in Des Moines.

The intent of the awards from the Yager Education Fund for Excellence Award is to recognize exemplary K through 12 teaching by University of Northern Iowa graduates. It serves a key role in supporting UNI's leadership in preparing teachers.

Nominees are selected by UNI faculty members and are UNI graduates in at least their fifth year of teaching in a K through 12 classroom. Awardees are selected on the basis of teaching materials and student performance.

Lovstuen was nominated by Jihwa Noh, associate professor of mathematics. Noh noted Lovstuen's dedication to her algebra and calculus students, and identified her as a teacher who asks questions of her students in an effective manner.

"They say it takes a village to raise a child, likewise it takes a community to raise a high-quality teacher," said Lovstuen.

"The influences of family, professors, administrators, colleagues, communities and students all play a part. The Yager Exemplary Teaching award recognizes this interconnectivity in the field of teaching by honoring a professor and a teacher together."

Robert Yager, professor emeritus of science education in the College of Education at the University of Iowa where he taught for 50 years, received his B.A. degree in biology from UNI in 1950. Yager went on to earn his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in plant physiology from the University of Iowa. His research interests have focused on student motivation and attitudes toward science