No illegal drugs were detected during a trained drug dog search of Decorah High School student lockers Wednesday.

According to Decorah Police, the search was conducted as the result of information obtained in an ongoing drug investigation and was not a random search.

The Decorah Police Department was assisted by the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office and K-9 Unit, the Winneshiek County Attorney's OFfice and the Decorah High School Staff.
The searches were performed in a manner that complies with Iowa State Law and Iowa Supreme Court decisions, according to a letter sent to parents and students by DHS Principal Kim Sheppard and Associate Principal Adam Riley.
“No person was or will be searched or sniffed by the drug dog. If the presence of illegal drugs is detected in any student’s locker during a search, high school administration and law enforcement officers will contact the student assigned to use the locker and the content of the student’s bag or purse will be searched. All searches will be conducted in a manner that respects students’ privacy and rights, in addition to following Iowa State Law,” the letter stated.
“The Decorah High School administration is committed to create a safe and orderly school environment to encourage student learning and achievement. That commitment is achieved, in part, through the adoption and enforcement of school policies that prohibit students from possessing, using or distributing alcohol, drugs, tobacco products and/or related paraphernalia while on the school campus or attending off-campus events sponsored by the school district.
“For years, the Decorah Community School District has worked in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies to promote student safety and well being while protecting student rights. Today both entities worked in conjunction to have a trained drug dog perform a search of student lockers located in hallways and locker rooms to detect the presence of illegal substances.
“We hope this information will encourage a dialogue within your household to discourage the presence of illegal substances within our high school and continue to promote a safe and focused learning environment for our students and staff,” the letter from Sheppard and Riley concluded.