Janeen Christy, 41, Decorah, was hit by a car while jogging on College Drive Thursday at about 6:40 p.m.

According to Decorah Police, Ann Naslund, 67, of Decorah, was northbound on College Drive turning left onto Fifth Avenue when her car struck Christy in the intersection.

Both Christy and Naslund said the traffic control devices displayed green lights to continue. Naslund said she did not see Christy. Police said rain and darkness contributed to the accident. The driver was not charged.

The accident report noted that although Naslund had a green light - not a green arrow - she would still be required to give the right-a-way to pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk.

Christy suffered a small scrape; she was taken to the emergency room by a private vehicle to confirm she had no further injuries.