John Delaney.
John Delaney.
Presidential candidate Delaney at Democrats St. Patrick’s Day event
The event is Sunday, March 17, at The Lingonberry, 218 W. Water St., beginning at 3:30 p.m. with a 4 p.m. program.
Local Democrats will offer appetizers, desserts and beverages as well as music. Representative Delaney will speak about his vision for the presidency such as universal health care, infrastructure improvement and student loan relief.
In July, 2017, Delaney became the first declared candidate and he has visited all 99 Iowa counties. In the past months he has opened six field offices around the state. He came to Decorah just before the 2018 election and joined volunteers in canvassing for local candidates because his emphasis is on grassroots organizing.
He was quoted in the December 10, 2018 issue of “The Atlantic” as saying, “By going around and doing what I’m doing, meeting with thousands and thousands of Iowans, you can distinguish yourself in a crowded field.”
Delaney attended Columbia University partly with the help of his father’s union scholarship. After law school at Georgetown, he co-founded two publicly traded businesses. After leaving these, he served three terms as a Representative from Maryland. In Congress he was noted for his efforts at bipartisanship and uniting the nation is an important campaign theme for him.
“The Winneshiek County Democrats are looking forward to hosting Representative Delaney for this event and also working with other campaigns ahead of the 2020 caucus,” said Nathan Thompson, the Winneshiek County Democratic Chair stated.
“This year Winneshiek County residents will have the chance to meet and speak with many candidates for office in 2020, and I encourage all Democrats to take advantage of this opportunity to voice their concerns and share our values with these candidates.”