The Decorah School District's property tax rate will decrease at least 28 cents next year.

The Decorah School Board approved the 2013-2014 budget Monday evening, following a public hearing which drew no comments.

Haluska explained the approved rate is the "worst-case scenario," and could change, based on the amount of allowable growth, which has yet to be determined by the Iowa Legislature.

(Allowable growth is a percentage increase of the state per-pupil cost to be calculated for the upcoming budget year and is determined by the state Legislature.)

The District's tax rate will decrease from $16.17 to at least $15.89, as the District's taxable valuation increased from $496,520,042 to $515,259,867.


"We are basing these projections on 4 percent allowable growth, which is the figure that produces the highest potential property tax rate ... Should allowable growth be lower, the tax rate will be as well," he said.

He said, for example, if allowable growth is decreased to 3 percent, Decorah taxes will go down another 4 cents per $1,000 of taxable value.

The final say

"The Department of Management has the final say on what tax rate the districts will choose," said Haluska, adding the last day of the legislative session is May 3.