South Winneshiek High School students participated in the Northeast State Large Group Speech Contest hosted by Waterloo West High School over the weekend.

Those groups that were selected by the judges as outstanding material will perform at the All-State Speech Festival Feb. 22 at the Iowa State Center in Ames. Those results will be posted on the IHSSA website found at late Monday afternoon.

South Winneshiek speech groups receiving Division I Ratings included one-act play, readers theater, ensemble acting, musical theater, group improvisation and short film. Cast lists for those groups are as follows:

Division 1 ratings

One act play: (coached by Jessica Tekippe) Jessica Lechtenberg, Taylor Claman, Kelly Kuboushek. Kendal Kuboushek, Christina Wagner, Monica Schwartzhoff, Logan Brinks, Lucas Brinks, Jon Barness, Lexi Warth, Devon Franzen, Savannah Nesvik, Riley Ott, Tiana Bullerman, Josie Kriener, Skyler Luzum, Nichole Kuboushek, Christina Nesvik, Sabrina Maken, Payton Poshusta, Hattie Frana, Kevin Davis, Kevin Ward, and Baily Timp.

Readers Theater: (coached by Jessica Tekippe ) Mahoganie Boe, Megan Elsbernd, Caitlin Holien, Christina Wagner, Marissa Holthaus, Sawyer Breitsprecher, Danon Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Dylan Hageman, Nichole Kuboushek, Skyler Luzum, Alyssa Timp, Baily Timp, Payton Poshusta, and Brennan McDermott.

Ensemble acting: (coached by Jessica Tekippe ) Kelly Kuboushek, Kennidee DeVilbiss, Tiana Bullerman, Matthew Kuboushek, ReaAnn Klimesh, and Mikayla Lien.

Ensemble acting: (coached by Jessica Tekippe ) Nathan Meyer, Caitlin Holien, Jessica Lechtenberg, Becca Franzen, and Megan Elsbernd.

Short Film: (coached by Jessica Tekippe) Logan Brinks, Lucas Brinks, Danon Hageman, Jon Barness, Taylor Claman, Marissa Holthaus, Sabrina Maken, Kennidee Devilbiss, Dylan Hageman, and Kevin Hageman.

Musical Theater: (coached by Jessica Tekippe) Lexi Warth, Becca Franzen, ReaAnn Klimesh, Kendall Kuboushek, Mikayla Lien, and Josie Kriener.

Improv (coached by Kurt Straube): Matt Kuboushek, Ben Meyer, and Nathan Meyer.

Improv (coached by Kurt Straube): Kevin Davis, Kevin Ward, and Brennan McDermott.

Division 2 Rating

Ensemble acting: Monica Schwartzhoff, Riley Ott, Devin Franzen, Sawyer Breitsprecher, and Mahoganie Boe.

Radio news: (coached by Jessica Tekippe ) Jamie Elsbernd, Aylssa Timp, and Christina Nesvik.