Winneshiek Medical Center and Mayo Clinic will continue their partnership for at least another five years.
At Wednesday’s meeting of the Winneshiek Medical Center Board of Trustees, the Board approved some minor revisions to WMC’s current management service agreement and professional service agreement approval with Mayo Clinic Health System.

In 1992, Decorah Clinic Physicians, formerly known as Medical Associates, became a pilot Mayo Health Systems site.
Then in 2005, Winneshiek Medical Center purchased the Decorah Clinic Physicians. At the same time, WMC entered into a management services agreement (MSA) and a professional service agreement (PSA) with Mayo Clinic.
Through the agreement, WMC works closely with Mayo Clinic.
In 2012, the WMC Board of Trustees agreed to fulfill the remaining three years of the agreement through the Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse.

About the agreement
Through the PSA part of the agreement, the doctors who provide care at the clinic and the WMC emergency department are Mayo Clinic Health System providers.
“The PSA is a significant benefit to WMC because the local Mayo Clinic Health System providers consistently refer a majority of their patients to WMC for care,” said Chief Administrative Officer Lisa Radtke.
“By using WMC hospital services, patients receive convenient care closer to home in a hospital with high-rated quality standards.”
The healthcare dollars stay in Winneshiek County to support the local economy.
The MSA agreement means Mayo Clinic Health System provides WMC with a chief administrative officer (Lisa Radtke) and a chief medical officer (Robert Flinchbaugh) as well as other managers necessary to conduct the day-to-day management of WMC.
Both Radtke and Flinchbaugh answer to both Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare leadership and the WMC Board of Trustees.
“Over the years, area patients have benefitted from our relationship with Mayo, as their local physicians have shared resources and expertise, developed common patient care and safety practices and collaborated with other Mayo Clinic locations to improve care regionally,” said WMC Board of Trustees Chair Rick Burras.
“For our patients and community,” this is the best of both worlds.”
The agreement is contingent on the final approval from Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Medical Center inc.