Dr. Paul Jakopin
Dr. Paul Jakopin
Paul Jakopin, M.D., has joined the emergency department at Winneshiek Medical Center.

Jakopin is an emergency medicine physician who provides care in Winneshiek Medical Center's 24-hour emergency room.

Jakopin received his medical degree from Indiana University in Indianapolis and completed his residency in emergency medicine at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill.

Jakopin has been practicing emergency medicine since 1995, and comes to WMC from providing care and ER coverage in St. Joseph Hospital in Marshfield, Wis.; Flambeau Hospital in Park Falls, Wis.; and Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake, Wis.

Jakopin is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

"I chose emergency medicine as a specialty because it gives me the opportunity to see a large spectrum of cases and people," said Jakopin.

"Patients come to the ER with a wide range of needs - from intense, life threatening conditions requiring rapid decision making to cases requiring patience, compassion and more thought-provoking investigation."

At WMC, Jakopin joins a team of Mayo Clinic Health System family medicine and specialty doctors and surgeons providing full time primary and surgical care for the entire family. In WMC's full-service ER, Jakopin is part of team of physicians, nurses, paramedics and registration staff trained to provide quality emergency care when every minute counts.

The Emergency Room is equipped with state-of-the-art trauma equipment, and works closely with larger facilities when more advanced care is needed.

"With over 18 years in emergency medicine, the best philosophy for patient care I have come up with is to imagine each patient as a member of my family whether that be a sister, father or close friend. In that way I believe I am not only doing what is medically in their best interest, but communicating with them at a level they are comfortable with and can understand," said Jakopin.