June 6, 2019 is a historical day worldwide, as it marks the 75th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy, also known as “D-Day”, a critical turning point in World War II. For World War II Veteran, Jerome J. Einck and his family, it is an extra special day as they celebrate Jerome’s 100th birthday.

D-Day on Omaha Beach
Jerome Einck served in the U.S. Army assigned to the 967th Quartermaster Service Company attached to the 6th Engineer Brigade, a special unit formed to land early at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France on D-Day in June 1944. On the morning of his 25th birthday, Jerome was among the soldiers crossing the English Channel on a cargo ship carrying tons of ammunition to Omaha Beach. Their job was to bring the ammunition off the ship for the invasion; however, due to the condition of the sea and the approaching gunfire, they were forced to debark farther from the shore than desired, and the cargo was loaded onto DUKWs (amphibious boats) to be brought onto the beach.

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