Peter Oyloe, formerly of Decorah, will host a screening of the short film "In Love With A Nun" Sunday, June 21, at Luther College. The screening is at 7 p.m. at the Olin Hall - room 102. Donations are encouraged to help cover costs of the screening. Oyloe recently returned from a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in France promoting a short film in which he appeared and wrote some of the music. DVDs and soundtracks from the short movie musical will be available. A short question-and-answer session will follow the screening.

"In Love With A Nun," A Short Film Musical, is the brainchild of writer/director Ron Eltanal, a professional filmmaker as well as a Visiting Associate Professor in DePaul University's School of Cinema and Interactive Media. He describes the film as "a fun, musical comedy in the vein of indie favorites Juno and Once." The story concerns Rob (played by Peter Oyloe), a high school student with dreams of becoming a rock star. When his girlfriend Jill (Andrea Deck) suddenly decides to get thee to a nunnery and breaks up with him, he begins having seizures whenever he tries to sing. This will not do for an aspiring rock star, and through the course of the film Rob must overcome his debilitating new condition and win Jill back from the man who has stolen her heart. The Man Upstairs, that is. "Rob's girlfriend ditched him for another man", explains Oyloe. "The other man just happens to be Jesus." "In Love With A Nun" is produced by Stylis Productions in association with DePaul University's Project Bluelight program, which gives film and media students the opportunity to work in their chosen field alongside professionals. It was shot over a period of two weeks in the summer of 2008 in various locations around Glen Ellyn, including the high school.

So where does "In Love With A Nun" go from here? For Eltanal, after the Cannes Film Festival screening comes the really glamorous part of every indie filmmaker's life: securing financing and distribution. "Through screening the short film at festivals and distributing it in whatever ways we can, I'd like to get financing to turn it into a feature", says Eltanal. "I'm working on a feature-length script right now, because I want to find out what happens to these characters. I've always envisioned them as two people who were meant to be together, with one fairly insurmountable obstacle, the fact that she wants to be a nun. That's the heart of the movie, and I don't know where they end up, but I'd like to follow them there, and I think, after seeing the short, that other people will too."