What’s fair is fair.
And a Decorah campground owner will continue to draw attention to that whenever she has the opportunity.
Late last week, Deb Keefe, owner of Chimney Rock Campground, filed a formal complaint with the county attorney’s office that Decorah’s Jimmy Dotzenrod hadn’t filed a conditional-use permit for a barn dance that was advertised in the newspaper.
“The zoning administrator (Tony Phillips) wasn’t in today (Thursday, June 5), so I took it to the county attorney so it could be addressed by the county Board of Supervisors Monday (June 9),” said Keefe.

Last fall, Keefe and event organizer Kyle Sorenson both were charged for failure to obtain a conditional-use permit for the Adventure Camp Music Festival.
“I got a letter saying I couldn’t have my Adventure Camp Music Festival. If one person needs to get a conditional-use permit, all county residents need to get a conditional-use permit or be charged accordingly,” said Keefe.
“All I’ve ever asked of the county is for them to be fair. This county has no concept of what fair is.”

What’s next?
On Friday, County Attorney Andy Van Der Maaten said the complaint would be forwarded to County Zoning Administrator Tony Phillips.
He said Phillips will determine whether or not Dotzenrod’s event was in violation of county requirements.
Keefe also was to have addressed the Board of Supervisors Monday about her complaint.
“I’ve been working with a state ombudsman’s office. They said I should file a formal complaint,” explained Keefe.
The Office of Ombudsman serves as an independent and impartial agency to which citizens can air their grievances about government.