The Nordic Dancers will host their annual “Blomster Salg” (flower sale) Saturday, May 17, from 1:30-4 p.m. in the Vesterheim courtyard. 
“There are a few certain signs of spring each year that we can count on. Syttende Mai, the Norwegian Independence celebration held every year in Decorah, is most certainly one of those spring traditions, and now the Blomster Salg,” said Kirstin Heine. 
“Decorah's Nordic Dancers invite you to come and enjoy all of the May 17th festivities at Vesterheim, including the parade and dance performance, and then stop by their flower stand to bring some ‘spring’ to your step and back to your home. The beautiful flowers are locally grown by one of the dancer's families and have been donated so that your purchase is a 100-percent donation to help support the Nordic Dancers.” 
The sale will include hanging baskets, pots and planters, and assorted individual annuals and vegetables for sale. 
“Come and enjoy these delightful signs of spring,” added Heine.