Steve Schrader is no longer a Winneshiek County magistrate judge, according to the Winneshiek County Clerk of Court’s office.
The law license of Schrader was temporarily suspended by an order filed with the Iowa Supreme Court in May.
“The Iowa Judicial Qualifications Commission, and ultimately, the Iowa Supreme Court, will determine if he (Schrader) can continue to be a magistrate judge,” Steve Davis, communications officer for the Iowa Judicial Branch, told Decorah Newspapers last month.
“In this particular situation, it would be a matter of first impression for the Commission. A situation like this has not been brought to the Commission before because, in 2009, the Iowa Legislature changed the statute to require magistrates to be attorneys,” he said.
Schrader had been serving as a magistrate until today, Thursday, when court officials were notified he is no longer a judge.

According to the Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board order suspending his license, Schrader failed to respond to a Board inquiry regarding a complaint.
On March 24, the Board filed a certificate advising the Court that Schrader had failed to respond to the Board’s second notice within the time allotted.
On March 25, the Supreme Court clerk issued notice that Schrader’s license would be suspended unless he caused the Board to withdraw its certificate within 20 days of the date of issuance of the clerk’s notice.
“The notice was mailed by restricted certified mail to both the respondent’s home and business addresses, and each copy was returned from the postal service as unclaimed. The notice was also sent by regular mail to respondent’s home and business addresses and neither copy has been returned,” the court order stated.
The investigative steps by the Attorney Disciplinary Board are confidential, Davis said.
“The Iowa Court Rules preclude disclosure of whether there is or is not any pending disciplinary matter, or in this situation, what was in the notice, unless the complaint results in a Grievance Commission recommendation of public discipline or a public discipline order by the Iowa Supreme Court,” he said.
Davis was asked Thursday how or if Schrader would be replaced and whether details of the complaint filed against him would be made available to the public.
Davis e-mailed his response Monday: “Magistrate Schrader has been suspended from performing any judicial functions until further notice.”