After spending most of the winter in Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota, D-1 is once again on the move.

D-1 is one of the three eaglets that hatched at the famous Decorah Fish Hatchery eagles' nest in the spring of 2011 and the only one fitted with a satellite transmitter. The eagle is now traveling in Canada, according to Raptor Resource Project (RRP) Director Bob Anderson.

RRP was responsible for the eagle cam, which has provided live video of the eagles' nest to millions of viewers around the world. Last fall, the eagles moved their nest to a new location about 400 feet from their old nest. The new nest lacks a camera and other video-streaming equipment, so the nest has been "offline" this year. Anderson said camera equipment will be relocated to the new nest this fall.

At right is a map showing the recent movement of D1 to Canada.

"She is on a mission. Her first summer she spent in Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin, then returned to Northeast Iowa at the first of the new year. This last summer she spent three months in Polar Bear Provincial Park on the Hudson Bay, then returned to the Decorah area in late fall," Anderson said.

"This year she hung around Northeast Iowa up until a few days ago, and now she is clearly making her way to somewhere up north. Who would have ever speculated that an Iowa-fledged eagle would cover this much of the planet?"

Anderson speculated D-1 may be heading back to Polar Bear Provincial Park.