Forty-one Decorah High School individual speech performers, coached by Liz Fox and Molly Holkesvik, competed Saturday, March 15, at the Individual State Speech Contest at Starmont High School.

Of these performances, 31 received I ratings. Out of these, 22 received straight I’s. 

Nineteen South Winneshiek High School individual speech performers, coached by Margie Holien, competed in the contest. Fourteen performances received I ratings.

Turkey Valley High School’s Sarah Busta received a II rating in storytelling.

The Individual All-State Festival is March 31, at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.

Decorah 9th Grade Team
Receiving a I (Excellent) Rating:
Acting – James Lee.
After Dinner Speaking – Ross Gentry, Makinzie Monroe.
Improvisation – James Lee.

Receiving a II (Good) Rating:
Original Oratory – Richard Weis.
Prose - Lydia Kleckne.r
Public Address – Richard Weis.
Radio News – Brenna Betts, Devin Brevig.
Solo Musical Theater – Indigo Fish.

Decorah Varsity Team
Receiving a I (Excellent) Rating:
Acting – Simon Cropp, Naomi Davidson, Gara Lonning.
After Dinner Speaking – Parker Fretheim, Steven Holkesvik. 
Expository Address – Garret Baumler.
Improvisation - Will Yahr.
Literary Program - Maria Hoyme, Alison Schwartzhoff.
Original Oratory – Lydia Dawley, Micheal Foster, Talia Raddatz.
Poetry – Zyann Hooper.
Prose – Maggie Breitenstein, Autumn DeLong, Shai Shay.                                    
Public Address – Paul Fadness, Connor Freeman, Shelby Stalberger.
Radio News – Brianna Doyle.
Review – Annika Wahlberg.
Solo Musical Theater – Rita Guzman, McKenzie Snyder, Aiden Spencer.
Storytelling – Sam Iverson, Kelly Minear, Christa Nelson.

Receiving a II (Good) Rating:
Improvisation – Patrick Murphy.
Poetry – Emma Dambek.
Review – Kassie Hoyme.
Spontaneous Speaking - Freddie Paulson, Emily Womeldorf, Henry Zheng.

South Winneshiek
Receiving a I (Excellent) Rating:
Improvisation – Nathan Meyer.
Improvisation – Brennan McDermott.
Storytelling – Kendal Kuboushek.
Radio News – Logan Brincks.
After Dinner Speaking – Caitlin Ann Holien.
After Dinner Speaking – Jessica Lechtenberg.
Expository Address – Logan Brincks.
Solo Musical Theater – Mikayla Lien.
Solo Musical Theater – Kendal Kuboushek.
Solo Musical Theater – Josie Kriener.
Poetry – Jon Barness.
Acting – Rae Ann Klimesh.
Acting – Jesse Lechtenberg.
Acting – Kelly Kuboushek.

Receiving a II (Good) Rating:
Prose – Marissa Holthaus.
Solo Musical Theatre – Christina Nesvik.
Literary Program – Mahogani Boe.
Prose – Monica Schwartzhoff.
Solo Musical Theatre – Libby Manning.
Improvisation – Kevin Davis.
Storytelling – Hattie Frana.
Acting – Josie Kriener.
Poetry – Rae Ann Klimesh.