Area schools are sending more than 120 students to Ames Feb. 16, to perform at the all-state speech festival at the Iowa State Center on the ISU campus.

The festival includes performances by the best speech students from across the state of Iowa. Complete results and programs can be found on the IHSSA website at

Decorah High School

DHS Varsity speech groups receiving performance nominations included choral reading, one-act play, one ensemble acting, one solo mime, one musical theater, two radio broadcastings, one short film and television news.

Cast lists for those groups are as follows:

Choral Reading directed by Molly Holkesvik and Gabe Twedt: "Untamed Chickens" -- Kirsten Arneson, Randi-Kate Canoy, Reese Drenth, McKinley Eide, Dailen Folkedahl, Alice Gullekson, Morgan Ihde, Kiersten Jensen, Kendra Larsen, Emily Markee, Maria Mertzenich, Hannah Hougen, Lukas Phillips, Anna Swanson, Lindsay Vande Lune.

One-Act Play directed by Thomas Houdek, assisted by Emily Kurash: "Candid" -- Simon Cropp, Olivia Dieschbourg, Connor Gossman, Molly Hovden, Jacob Kvale, James Ostlie, Michael Peter, Bryce Pierce, Zachary Schaller, Drew Schwartz and Aidan Spencer.

Ensemble Acting directed by Janelle Keune: "Almost, Maine" -- Mitchell Burggraf, Erik Dale, Kayla Ingvalson, Thomas Knobbe, Anna Madrigal and Kayla Peterson.

Solo Mime directed by Molly Holkesvik: "Cheating Smarts" -- Charles Baldwin.

Musical Theater directed by Thomas Houdek: "Les Miserables" -- Connor Gossman, Jacob Kvale, James Ostlie, Michael Peter, and Drew Schwartz.

Radio Broadcasting directed by Gabe Twedt: "TRUE" -- Gabriela Diefelt Streese, Emily Gomersall, Hans Holkesvik, Dalton Matt, McKinleigh McCabe, Maria Mertzenich, Lindsay Smith and Daiton Tietz.

Radio Broadcasting directed by Gabe Twedt: "KUFF" -- Reid Drenth, Parker Fretheim, Clare Gullekson, Jennison Jenkins, Maria McDonough, and Lukas Phillips.

Short Film directed by Molly Holkesvik: "Inside His Skin" -- Tim Devore, Carli Galligan, Madison Grimm, Michelle Halse, Jenny Henry, Hannah Hougen, Molly Hovden, Jennison Jenkins, Tyler Lubke, Cera Olson, Hannah Rooney and Paul Sullivan.

Television News directed by Molly Holkesvik: "KIRK" -- Lucas Alonso, Sara-Isabell Bibiza, Claire Breitenstein, Emma Dambek, Lydia Dawley, Tim DeVore, Micheal Foster, Connor Freeman, Parker Fretheim, Alice Gullekson, Clare Gullekson, Brenna Herrmann, Steven Holkesvik, Maria Hoyme, Kassie Hoyme, Madison Ihde, Morgan Ihde, Annalise Johnson, Adam Knight, Maria McDonough, Mary Murphy, Forde Nesteby, Ashley Peterson, Bryce Pierce, Zachary Schaller, Lindsay Smith and Ian Wold.

DHS Varsity speech groups receiving non-performance nominations included readers theater, one ensemble acting, and one group improvisation.

Cast lists for those groups are as follows:

Readers Theater directed by Gabe Twedt: "Once a Pawn a Time" -- Gabrielle Cowie, Emma Dambek, Oran Deen-Lester, McKinley Eide, Jakob Frueh, Carli Galligan, Madison Grimm, Rita Marie Guzman, Kylie Kozelka, Taylor Lane, Kelly Minear, Daniel Rinaldelli, Dylan Stoddard Henning, Katie Whitehill and Kinsey Whitehill.

Ensemble Acting directed by Janelle Keune: "Wit" -- Charles Baldwin, Micheal Foster, Connor Freeman, Lydia Hayes, Clara Kittelson and Shelby Varney.

Group Improvisation directed by Thomas Houdek: Anna Madrigal, Kayla Ingvalson, Linnea Kephart, Patrick Murphy and Rebbeca Alcock.

DHS 9th grade speech group receiving a non-performance nomination included one ensemble acting. Cast list for that group is as follows:

Ensemble Acting directed by Kiersten Jensen and Randi-Kate Canoy: "The Learned Ladies" -- Linnea Carlson, Naomi Davidson, Annika Krieg, Annika Wahlberg.

South Winneshiek

South Winn speech groups receiving performance nominations included one-act play, ensemble acting and readers theatre.

Cast lists for those groups are as follows:

One act play coached by Jessica Tekippe: Jessica Lechtenberg, Allison Klimesh, Eleanor Lofte, Blaine Woodson, Karla Hageman, Taylor Claman, Becca Lensing and Kelly Kuboushek.

Readers Theater coached by Jessica Tekippe: Becca Lensing, Karla Hageman, Kendal Kuboushek, Mahoganie Boe, Domenic Boe, Brittany Gibson, ReaAnn Klimesh, Megan Elsbernd, Caitlin Holien, Carlee Knutson, Christina Wagner, Miranda Fisher, Marissa Holthaus.

Ensemble acting coached by Jessica Tekippe: Kelly Kuboushek, Nathan Meyer, Caitlin Holien, Kennidee DeVilbiss, Jessica Lechtenberg and Domenic Boe.