A black bear was spotted south of North Winneshiek School in Canoe Township over the weekend.
Winneshiek County Sheriff Dan Marx said black bear sightings are common in the area during the spring. He said the bears are typically young males on the move after being pushed out of Wisconsin or Minnesota by more mature boars during the mating season. However, he said a few years ago and black bear sow and her cubs were observed in Glenwood Township.
Marx said about a dozen black bear sightings are normal each spring. Marx said this year’s sighting is a little earlier than normal and the bear is larger than those usually seen in the area.
The sheriff advised anyone seeing a black bear to leave the animal alone and not to corner it. Marx said anyone who observes a black bear can report it to the Sheriff’s Office or the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
He said bears are herbivores and don’t like to be around people. They only become dangerous when they feel threatened, he said.
“They’re like large raccoons,” Marx said.